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Greg Locke Net Worth


If you are interested in finding out how much money Greg Locke has, you’ve come to the right place. Locke has made a career out of speaking on religious issues, and his net worth is quite substantial. A Baptist pastor, Locke has traveled the world for over ten years. He has led revival movements in 43 states and 12 countries. He is also a successful entrepreneur, and has launched a clothing line and juice shakers.

Religious Personality

In addition to acting, Greg Locke has a thriving religious ministry. His religious videos have garnered him more than 270,000 fans on TikTok. The net worth of Greg Locke is estimated at $129 million as of 2021. Although this figure is impressive, the controversial preacher is still committed to living a modest lifestyle. The church he founded has made him a millionaire. His net worth is not surprising, considering his controversial past.

Social Media Accounts

Despite his controversial views, Greg Locke has a thriving following on social media. His Instagram account boasts 214K followers, while his Facebook page boasts nearly two million fans. Locke also has a clothing line and a juice shaker line. However, he reportedly lives a modest lifestyle. It is unclear exactly how much he earns from his social media accounts. If he becomes president in 2020, Greg Locke net worth is estimated to be around $129 million.

Supportive Wife

Locke’s relationships are generally rocky. He married Melissa in 2005, and the couple has four children together. His first wife is a Christian who strongly supports his beliefs. His second wife, Melissa, is an outspoken supporter of religious beliefs. Although she has been supportive of Locke’s ministry, some critics have called her an adultery in God’s eyes. If Locke had more to hide, his net worth would be even higher.


The family of Greg Locke includes his mother, father, and sister. His parents are a Baptist pastor, and he is a board member of the Good Shepherd Children’s Home. He has a total net worth of $ 129 million and is a preacher of marriage and moral values. His net worth has been steadily rising as he preaches against divorce and marriage. In his career, he has become an inspiration for many.


Despite his controversial views on politics and religion, Greg Locke’s life is full of joy and accomplishments. In 2006, Greg was named one of the Who’s Who in America awards. In 2005, he was named an Influential Person of the Year, and he has continued to grow as an influencer on his fans. He also appears on official social media accounts. So, if you’re wondering how much Greg Locke has, get ready to become a Christian celebrity.


In addition to his writings, Greg Locke is an active social media user. His Twitter account is his primary source of income. He has also published a book about faith, family, and politics. His book focuses on the power of the Holy Spirit. Greg Locke is married to Melissa, a Church Assistant. They have four children together. However, Greg and Melissa divorced in 2018. In 2018, Locke married Taisha, a friend from his church. Together, they have a huge online following and a combined net worth of $7 million.

Enormous Following

As a pastor, Greg Locke has built an enormous following. He has an extensive social media following and regularly speaks at church functions. He was born and raised in Donelson, Tennessee and received his bachelor’s degree in bible studies from Ambassador Baptist College. He then went on to earn his master’s degree in revival history at the Theological School of New England


In April 2016, he gained worldwide fame when he criticized Target for their gender-neutral washrooms. Locke’s vlog sparked both support and opposition from people all over the world. The church where he ministers has strict rules against COVID-19 protection measures, social distancing, and vaccinations. This has contributed to his net worth. In the years since, he has been convicted of embezzling thousands of dollars and is currently facing trial on charges of leading a cult.

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