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Stephanie Cerow


If you have been following the football news, you have probably heard about Stephanie Cerow. She’s married to Manny Diaz, a Penn State assistant coach. The couple has three children together. They met in college, and they married in 2006. Stephanie has lived in Miami, Florida, since then. The couple’s first child, a boy, was born in 2006. They have a son named Manny who is now four.

Married Life

Neither the couple nor their children have divulged their personal information. Stephanie Cerow and Manny Diaz have been married for over a decade, but they haven’t made their relationship public. The two were first linked in 2005, and their relationship grew from there. They married in 2021, but Stephanie Cerow has not shared this information publicly. The couple has three children together: Manny Diaz is 47 years old and was born in Miami, Florida. He blows his birthday candle on the 13th of March every year.

First Pregnancy

The couple met in Miami when Stephanie was pregnant with her first child. Stephanie stayed home to raise the child while Manny pursued his dream as a head football coach. They married after just a few months of dating and have two young children. In addition to being married, Stephanie and Manny have a son, Gavin, who made his Varsity Football debut this year. They both said they were very proud of Gavin’s performance, and that they were proud of him.


Manny Diaz’s wife Stephanie Cerow is a celebrity in her own right. The couple has three children together, although it has not been disclosed if they have more. Stephanie is a respected coach, and her husband should be well-off. Their entire belongings should be worth millions of dollars. Their pay is from his professional work as a mentor. So, how much does Stephanie Cerow earn? She may have a high salary, but she’s not showing that.

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