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Hitman Holla is an American rapper known for his battle rap style. He is a former athlete and has also done some acting. His clothing line is one of the most popular in the country. Though he has not revealed his height, he has a well-toned body and black eyes. The rapper has also been known for his white teeth. It is unclear how white his teeth are now, but they do look shinier than they were in his earlier pictures.


He is a family man with a son named Geremiah Fulton. His younger brother Showout is also involved in social media and battle rap. He gained fame by beating up a rival rapper named Bill Collector. His girlfriend Cinnamon is a brand ambassador for Lashu Studio. The rapper and his girlfriend have been spotted sharing love photos on social media. Holla is also a proud father to Geremiah Fulton.

Acting Career

He has an Instagram account and YouTube channel. He is known for his rap battle performances. Besides his rapping career, he has also worked as an actor and has appeared on MTV, VH1, and a reality show called Wild ‘N Out. He is 33 years old and is of African-American descent. He is also a devout Christian.

Net Worth 

His net worth is estimated to be about $3 million by 2022. His income comes from various sources and he keeps a modest lifestyle. His music and clothing line earn him money. Currently, he earns between $1.7K and $2K annually. Moreover, he has a clothing line called Ball Game.

New Wife

In 2016, Hitman Holla and his wife got divorced. His new wife, Cinnamon, is the brand ambassador for Lash Studio. She also has her own cooking business. Her Instagram account has 1.6 million followers. This is an indication that the rapper is doing well. Besides being an aspiring rapper, she also has a cooking business.

Younger Brother 

Hitman Holla has a younger brother, who is also a rapper. He attended a local high school and also studied at the State University of California on a scholarship. During college, he played basketball and was an athlete. Later, he switched to battle rap. He has also been active on social media.

Engaged to Cinnamon

Hitman Holla’s girlfriend is named Cinnamon. The two met in a rap battle in 2016 and have been dating for a year. The relationship between Hitman and Cinnamon was documented on his Instagram account. They also have a YouTube channel together. He is not married but is engaged to Cinnamon.

Huge Fan Following 

As a rapper, Hitman Holla has a devoted social media following. He has almost 1.5 million followers on Instagram and receives brand promotions on his page. He has collaborated with other rappers to release music and videos. He has also performed at several rap battle leagues, including the SMACK/URL rap battle league and Battle America.


Hitman is considered a street rap artist, and his bars often contain references to violence. While attending college, Hitman was a basketball player and a blood, and he often draws parallels between basketball violence and street violence. One of his signature moves is the remix. In his debut, he beat Aye Verb. He used the remix to repeat bars in a chopped-and-screwed manner. The only remix that was successful was Charlie Clips, but it was the only one that made a hit.

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