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Tron Welborn has been in the news again, this time for threats he made at a distribution center for Trader Joe’s. The 36-year-old is a frequent YouTuber and has been accused of several crimes. While he has denied the charges, he has been arrested and is on probation.

Rape Video

Tron Welborn was arrested after a woman who saw his rap videos reported him to the Port Orange Police Department. The rap videos showed the man threatening to shoot up a school and the Trader Joe’s distribution facility in Daytona Beach. The video went viral, and Welborn was arrested. He also worked in the Trader Joe’s distribution center and threatened to shoot up people in the workplace. Welborn was arrested on Monday and brought to jail.

Threaten to Shoot up

Tron Welborn is accused of stalking people and assaulting them with a deadly weapon. He is 36 years old and worked for Trader Joe’s. According to the prosecutors, Welborn threatened to shoot up a school and an office and conveyed intimidations and threats. He was charged with these crimes in 2015, despite avoiding arrests in the past. He also told a police team that he was being targeted online for copying others’ work.


Tron Welborn, also known as Dimension 7yo on TikTok, has been arrested and charged with making threatening videos online. During the video, he repeatedly threatened to shoot people. After the clip was shared online, a woman who saw it reported Welborn to the Port Orange Police Department. Police in the city subsequently found new updates on Welborn’s case and are investigating his case.

Viral Video

A video uploaded by a man known as Tron Welborn went viral on YouTube and other social media sites, making threats against people and schools. He also made threats against a distribution center for Trader Joe’s. However, more information is still pending. It is not yet known what he plans to do next, and it is unclear whether he is responsible.

Banned from Social Media

Tron Welborn’s recent arrest and conviction is an ongoing drama. He was accused of making threats to kill people and was sentenced to 12 months of probation. He has also been banned from social media, including Facebook and TikTok. A fan page for the musician has also posted a video in which he expresses his frustration with the court charges. The video was then deleted by TikTok.

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