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Home Remedies To Help With Insomnia

By Zeeshan , in Health , at May 29, 2021

Sleep deprivation can significantly reduce quality of life. It can also seriously impact every aspect of your life, from personal relationships, to professional career, and even social interactions. While there are many medications that are used in the treatment of Insomnia, some mild cases can easily be treated with a few lifestyle changes and home remedies.


Also known as hot tubs, they are becoming increasingly affordable. Many websites, such as TubHQ, show the variety of hot tubs available these days. They’ve been proven to help with relaxation and a half hour dip before bedtime can greatly improve your sleep quality. 


Essential oils have long been used as methods to treat a variety of conditions. Lavender is particularly powerful in helping patients who suffer from mild insomnia. According to several scientific studies, it is highly effective in treating people who are sleep deprived. The results show that it can help patients fall asleep and also improve the quality of their sleep overall. 


Planning a short workout before heading to bed can help patients fall asleep faster. However, for some people, the opposite is true, and its preferable to exercise earlier in the day to get the best effect. In any case, exercise helps with insomnia, but each patient should schedule workouts according to their body’s reaction. 

Sleep On a Light Stomach

Eating a heavy meal before going to bed often causes indigestion, and it is likely to cause problems with sleep. The best practice for insomniacs is to have a light dinner a few hours before their bedtime. A light stomach will ensure better sleep. 

Controlled Screen Time

We all use too many screens in our daily lives. We’re either on a smartphone, a tablet, laptop, or even watching TV. The lights from these screens can decrease the melatonin levels in your body. Melatonin is the hormone that your body uses to control your sleep cycle. That’s why it is best to avoid screen time altogether for an hour or two before you sleep. 

Caffeine, Alcohol, and Nicotine

These are three substances that we consume in a variety of different ways and can seriously disrupt sleep patterns. Note that caffeine is not only limited to coffee, but particularly caffeine sensitive individuals may find it helpful to cut out even miniscule amounts from their diet. This means avoiding tea, sods, or even some chocolates. 

Changing Your Sleep Habits

Many people do not realize that they are preventing themselves from a good night’s sleep by sticking to old habits. This could be anything such as  wearing pyjamas that are too hot, or sleep on a mattress that is too firm or too soft. You might have always been sleeping using a certain type of pillows, but if you’re uncomfortable, it’s best to change things to help you sleep. 

Several treatments are available for insomnia that do not necessarily need to involve any medication. So before you resort to over the counter drugs to help with your sleep cycle, try out the aforementioned remedies and you might notice a big difference in your sleep quality. 



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