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Honest Brothers: The Wizards’ Fortune

How rich are the Ehrlich Brothers?

The names Andreas Reinelt and Christian Reinelt are probably only known to a few people. As soon as the Ehrlich Brothers are mentioned, however, many people immediately know who it is about. Under this name the two brothers appear as magicians. In the relevant media, the two have already been referred to as Germany’s most magical duo. The team was already enthusiastic about everything magical in childhood. The two are best known for their eye-catching styles, which they only wear on stage. In their private life they like things a little more subtle. The cherished Ehrlich Brothers’ assets amount to 30 million euros.

The beginning of the magician

Ehrlich Brothers income
Very few people know that brother Andreas once studied sport and mathematics to become a teacher. Christian, on the other hand, studied Romance studies and English studies. His subsequent training as a state-certified pyrotechnician, however, fits much more into the magician image. As magicians, the brothers did not try their luck together from the start. While Christian was on the road as Chris Joker, Andreas adorned himself with the stage name “Andy McJoy”. Even without the other, the two men managed to secure various awards.

Both brothers were early members of the Magic Circle of Germany. Christian took this step at the age of 17, while Andreas celebrated his debut at 18. The decision to perform together as a duo on stage was made in 2000. It is not without reason that their lavish stage shows are reminiscent of some of Siegfried and Roy’s productions. Above all, the sophisticated illusion techniques pull the audience under their spell again and again.

The career of the Ehrlich Brothers

Ehrlich Brothers assets

The brothers’ shows work best on big stages. How else are they supposed to let a tree sprout up in seconds while fruit is growing on it? The fact that the duo seem to be able to deform railroad tracks with their bare hands also made a big impression on the audience. The brother couple even had inquiries from America. Rumor has it that David Copperfield himself was interested in two of the Ehrlich Brothers’ illusions. However, they would have rejected his offer to buy.

Great success with illusions

The name change to Ehrlich Brothers only took place in 2004. The duo chose this name very deliberately to signal that their arts are not about black or supernatural magic. Rather, the brothers point out, that their illusions are deeply rooted in reality and have more to do with classic entertainment than scary hocus-pocus. The Ehrlich Brothers have already set world records and have been named Magician of the Year (2004, 2013, 2016) in Germany several times. There were several world record titles for most of the viewers at a magic show.

In July 2012, the artists achieved one of their career highlights. They were able to demonstrate their talents in front of 10,000 people in the TUI Arena in Hanover. In 2014 the team could also be seen at Wacken Open Air, the well-known German rock festival. From 2012 to 2019 the Ehrlich Brothers put on a total of seven shows. They explain their fascination for their performances as follows: People just like to dream. In fact, the magicians manage to immerse their viewers in fantastic worlds far away from the stress of everyday life. In the meantime, more than 10,000 spectators are almost standard at their events. But that has to be the case, since the brothers’ lavishly produced illusions go into the money.

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