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Prince Harry’s fortune

How rich is Prince Harry of Wales?

Prince Harry of Wales has been on everyone’s lips again since his wedding to Meghan Markle. After all, this marriage could have an impact on his wealth as well. As is known, there is no prenuptial agreement that protects the British royal’s millions in fortune in the event of a divorce. Rather, Meghan Markle, who herself brings several million euros into the marriage, would be entitled to half of the royal fortune in the event of a divorce. Prince Harry has a fortune of 36 million euros. He owes part of this fortune to the legacy of his mother, who died in a car accident. Because Lady Di is said to have left each of her sons around 25 million euros.

Harry got more money in the amount of 2 million pounds per year from his father Prince Charles from the Duchy of “Dutchy of Cornwall”. With his official exit from the royal obligations, however, this source of money has dried up. His great-grandmother “Queen Mum” set up an 8 million euro fund during her lifetime, which also creates additional financial benefits.

Independence from the royals?

In early 2020, the couple announced via Instagram that they were stepping down as “senior members” of the royal family and would like to be financially independent. The common child “Archie” is also to be raised in the USA. The couple would have held 6th place in the line of succession. The British royal family is said to have been less than enthusiastic about this decision.

No marriage contracts

Prince Harry's Income
The fact that Prince Harry was able to inherit so richly is also due to the fact that his father, Prince Charles, also did not insist on a prenuptial agreement when he married Diana. He had to give her half of his fortune when the former glamor couple divorced. Most of the money later went to his sons. The assets of Crown Prince Charles, who also did not enter into a marriage contract with Camilla, today’s Duchess of Cornwall and thus the Prince’s second wife, stayed in the family. However, Prince Harry did not have access to this legacy until his 30th birthday. This made sure he got the Couldn’t cheer millions off in his youth.

A lot has happened since his years as a “Playboy Prince”. Harry has grown up and followed in his mother’s footsteps. Lady Di, too, had been involved in many charitable causes throughout her life. This is exactly how Prince Harry does it and so he wants to continue to do it together with Meghan, who has already been involved in charities during her time as an actress. With such a million dollar fortune in the back, it can certainly be easier Doing good for others. In addition, part of the royals’ expenses have been covered by the British taxpayer so far. Accordingly, Harry and Meghan will certainly not have to gnaw on starvation during their lifetime.

The Life of His Royal Highness Henry Charles Albert David

Since Prince Harry is considered to be the most sensitive of the family, the premature death of mother Diana hit him hard. Maybe that’s why he had his wild years and was out as a party prince to be able to distract himself from the early grief in his life. Until Meghan Markle came into his life, he made headlines with one or the other love affair, but no woman was permanently worthy of the prince. But it went all the faster with his love for Rachel Meghan Markle, the former Suits actress from the USA. While the two only officially became a couple in 2016, they got engaged in 2017.

Prince Harry’s military career

Prince Harry's fortune
His ex-girlfriend Chelsy Davy, with whom the prince had been in a relationship from 2004 to 2010 (except for the interruption in 2009), should not have liked it at all. But Harry’s life has so far not only consisted of party headlines with his ex Chelsy. Rather, he put down a career at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst from 2005 to 2007. There he was trained as an officer. In 2006 he was sworn in in the presence of his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II, and a member of the Blues and Royals Guard Cavalry Regiment. In 2007 he should even deployed in Iraq have been. Prince Harry was also stationed in southern Afghanistan, where he was involved in explosive frontline operations. Both times, however, the prince was prematurely released from these duties due to significant security concerns.

However, this could not prevent the younger of the two princes from successfully completing his training as a helicopter pilot with the British Air Force in May 2010. In spring 2011, he was even promoted to captain. From 2014, the Prince only took over administrative tasks for the British Army in London. After more than ten years in the Army, it was announced in the summer of 2015 that Harry had finished with the army. In the future, Harry will therefore mainly take on representative tasks and get involved with charity together with his wife.

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