How do you live in varese?

How do you live in Varese

Varese is a beautiful city to live in, with excellent shops, cafes, restaurants and parks and a good organization of public transport. A funicular allows you to reach Santa Maria del Monte from Vellone station.

Where to live in the province of Varese?

Countries such as Gallarate, Busto Arsizio, Tradate and Saronno, for example, represent excellent solutions, to be taken into consideration when you decide to buy a house in Varese and its province.

Where do you live best in Lombardy?

The Maggiore (Luino, Laveno), the Como (the same Como, Lecco, or the splendid Cernobbio), the Garda (Desenzano, Sirmione) or the Iseo (Iseo precisely, Sarnico, Lovere). You live well, calmly, the air is good, the distances from Milan are relative, but above all the views, everywhere, are spectacular. Good choice!

Where to live in Saronno?

Saronno hotels and places to stay
  • Starhotels Grand Milan. 1,052 reviews. Hotel View. …
  • Peralba Motel. 188 Reviews. Hotel View. …
  • Pioppeto Saronno hotels. 597 reviews. …
  • Cyrano hotels. 190 Reviews. …
  • Hotel Della Rotonda. 331 reviews. …
  • Florence hotels. 78 Reviews. …
  • Miola Residence. 12 reviews. …
  • B&B CinqueSensi. 20 reviews.

Where to live well in the Milanese hinterland?

The best countries to live in the Milanese HINTERLAND
  • Gaggiano: the happiest town in the Milanese. …
  • Cernusco sul Naviglio: the capital of the Martesana. …
  • Cassinetta di Lugagnano and the villas on the Naviglio. …
  • Abbiategrasso: the city of Ticino. …
  • Gorgonzola: the city of cheese. …
  • Cassano D’Adda and its islands.

Related questions

What is it like to live in Lecco?

Lecco is a small city, I would rather say a town. The nature and landscape are fantastic, the lake and the mountains make it a very nice place indeed. The old town is quite small and “nothing special”, but still beautiful. … I would recommend living in Lecco if you like quiet places and nature.

Where do you live best in Brianza?

  • They see al Lambro. Vedano al Lambro is a town of about 7,500 inhabitants that borders Monza and with which it shares 3 gates of the largest green area in Europe: the Monza Park. …
  • Lissone. Lissone is a town of 46,000 inhabitants, and is very different from Vedano al Lambro. …
  • Seregno. …
  • Lesmo. …
  • Carate Brianza.

Where do you live best in Italy?

This year the province of Italy where you live best turned out to be Bologna, ahead of Bolzano and Trento, second and third respectively, which maintain their tradition of provinces among the most livable. Bologna has gone from the 14th position in 2019 to the current first.

Where do you live best in the province of Bergamo?

If you are moving with your family to live in Bergamo, you should consider the Redona and Monterosso districts, where the most modern buildings offer energy saving solutions.

Where to go to live in Como?

The neighborhoods where to invest to buy a house in Como
  • Walled City. …
  • Lario. …
  • Areas adjacent to the center. …
  • Convenience for the Swiss border. …
  • Low prices just outside the city

How do you live in Malnate?

How do you live in Malnate? «Malnate is a city where you live well. It then depends on the sensitivity of each one. If you listen to the gossip, to those who feed the fears, which in any case must be listened to, the perception can also be negative, but the degradation and delinquency are minimal.

How do you live in Sondrio?

Living in Sondrio
  • Sondrio is a very quiet town, with its approximately 21,000 inhabitants, located in the central part of the Valtellina. …
  • Living in Sondrio could be a solution for many single people or families with children who want to live in a place full of services, culture and beauty.

Where do you live well in Northern Italy?

Italy, the cities where you live best are in the North: Trento in the lead, Agrigento last. The first city in the South is 69th. Trento is the best for business and work, the environment, education, leisure, tourism. Agrigento the worst, in almost all respects.

Where do you live best in Italy by the sea?

Catania, but also Bari, Barletta, Crotone, Cosenza, Syracuse and Agrigento are the best cities to live in Italy for those who love the sea.

Where do you live best in Italy 2021?

In the 2021 ranking, Prato is second, gaining seven positions compared to 2020, becoming the queen of central Italy. The ranking of the provinces where you live best is led by Bolzano, with Prato and Pordenone on the podium.

How do you live in Brianza?

In practice, this translates into great comfort in terms of services and less traffic, but also in an average higher standard of living. Ultimately, Brianza represents an excellent opportunity to maintain a high quality of life and have easy access to the main cities of Lombardy!

Which are the best neighborhoods in Monza?

Living in Monza: the best areas to buy a house
  • The historic center: beautiful but expensive. The historic center of Monza is undoubtedly the most beautiful area of ​​this city, because it is rich in monuments that attract many tourists every year. …
  • Northern area of ​​Monza: surrounded by greenery. …
  • Why buy a house in Monza and not in Milan.

What is it like to live in Brugherio?

As I said it is a very quiet place and people usually go about their business. If there are problems, it is because people look for them on their own but the inhabitants are very quiet and the little ones bring respect to the older ones.

Why live in Como?

Como is one of the best known and most appreciated cities in northern Italy. … It can count on a privileged geographical position, not only for its proximity to many other large Italian cities but because it can offer a lot at a naturalistic level.

What is the province of Milan where houses are cheaper?

During the month of September 2021, the asking price for properties for sale in the province of Milan was highest in the municipality of Milan, with € 4,881 per square meter. Conversely, the lowest price was in the municipality of Turbigo with an average of € 983 per square meter.

Where is it worth buying a house near Milan?

Starting from the best areas and districts of the Milanese capital, according to the latest data, the areas of Milan where it is convenient to buy a house in Milan are those of the northern area of ​​the city, between viale Certosa and Bovisa, viale Mac Mahon and Largo Prealpi, Viale Monza- Bicocca. The Sempione and via Ripamonti areas are also doing well.

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