how much does carrie underwood make for sunday night football


The theme song of Sunday Night Football is sung by Carrie Underwood, a multi-platinum recording artist and seven-time Grammy winner. She also makes millions from her concerts. Her appearances on the show are probably paid by NBC, and according to a source we came to know that she almost makes $1 million a week. Underwood is 38 years old and married to former Nashville Predators star Mike Fisher.

One Million Dollar Per Performance!

It has been a while since Carrie Underwood sang for Sunday Night Football, but the question always remains, how much does she make? The singer has been part of the show since 2013. She  had numerous hits and her net worth has certainly increased in recent years, especially after winning ‘American Idol’. In fact, Partitions estimates that Underwood earns one million dollars per performance.

Winner of American Idol

The singer has been singing for Sunday Night Football for many years, and her net worth has grown considerably since she won the season of American Idol. The singing has not only increased her popularity, but also her net worth. The NBC show is one of the most-watched shows on television, so it’s likely that she makes a decent amount of money for it.

Well-known Popularity 

While Carrie Underwood’s popularity is well-known, it’s still unknown how much she earns singing the theme song. According to new maybe she earns more than millions of only one performance. Moreover, NBC must pay Underwood for her appearances, which are probably the reason for her high net worth. But she probably has more than enough money to cover all expenses involved with performing for Sunday Night Football.

Hit Show

Sunday Night Football is popular enough to be a hit show with millions of viewers. The show is a hit among primetime television shows, and it has been praised by NBC Sports as one of the most watched programs. Aside from the theme song, it has also been the most popular program of its kind for 10 years. And the star is not shy about promoting her music career.

Impressive Success 

Carrie Underwood has been performing for Sunday Night Football for years. She has released several hits and has increased her net worth. She won American Idol in 2013, and has since been singing the theme song. She has been a part of the show since, so her success is certainly impressive. While it’s difficult to know exactly how much she earns, she’s already had an amazing career.

Show Opening Song

As a singer, Carrie Underwood’s earnings have become an iconic part of the Sunday Night Football theme song. This country singer has performed the song “Waiting All Day For Sunday Night” for the show’s opening. This week, Underwood will open the show. Her role will continue into 2021. The Grammy award winner will sing the game’s theme song.


Carrie Underwood is an American singer. She gained fame when she won the fourth season of American Idol in 2005. She has been married to Mike Fisher since 2010 and has 2 kids. According to Google she has a massive net worth of $150 Million in 2022.

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