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How tall is Jid Dawson? Born on 31st October 1990, he is thirty years old. His first hit song, “Baby Come Home,” was released in 2010. He is the youngest member of the hip-hop duo EarthGang and is credited with helping the genre gain more popularity. Although he’s not quite a full-time rapper, he’s still a notable name in the rap industry.

JID is five feet and six inches tall, which is approximately 168 centimeters. He weighs 163 pounds, which is 74 kilograms. He also has no children and is reportedly single. While there are no reports of a gay relationship, it is possible that the artist is gay. However, his personal life and sexuality are keeping private. While his height and weight are well-known, the star is not famous enough to have a girlfriend.

According to sources, JID is only five feet six inches tall, which is 168 centimeters. His head circumference is 46 cm. He has a 71-cm-long head, which is not all that much different than that of EID Superhero. He is regarded as one of the most talented rappers of his generation and is the most sought-after in the music industry.

As a rapper, JID is a popular and successful artist. His songs have been played by countless fans around the world. His music is influenced by hip hop, rap, and R&B. He is a member of Spillage Village, which was started in 2010 by EarthGang and based on J. Cole’s Dreamville Records. His career has been successful and has spawned several hits for him.

His stage name is Jid. He is five feet six inches tall and weighs seventy-four kilograms. His height is five feet six inches, and he is one of the hottest rap artists. As a rapper, JID is incredibly popular in the music industry. He is considered a global superstar and is extremely popular, so he must be pretty tall. Just keep in mind that the artist’s weight is not a good indicator of his height.

Although JID is not five-foot-six, he is 71 cm tall, or 167 cm in centimeters. He has a head circumference of 46 centimeters and weighs 74 kilograms. His height and weight have become a defining factor in his success. A fan might not recognize him at first glance, but his chin and torso are very similar.

A few things to know about JID’s height. In terms of height, he is five-six inches tall. His head circumference is 46 centimeters, and his height is 71 cm. He is also 74 kilograms, and his height is approximately five feet and six inches. Despite his short stature, JID is the tallest member of his group. As a result, the rapper is only one foot-six inches in height.

The singer’s height is five feet six inches, which makes him 168 cm in centimeters. His weight is 74 kilograms, and his height is six feet and one inch. He is currently 31 years old, and his height is five feet and six inches. He is a five-feet-six-inch rapper and is 164 cm tall. It is estimated that he is 168 cm high.

In terms of height, JID is five feet, six inches. He is 168 cm tall, or five feet, six inches. In terms of weight, he is 74 kilograms, or 163 pounds. He was born on 31 October 1990, so his height is approximately six feet and one inch. His weight is 74 kg. If you’re curious about his height, you can check out his bio.

JID is five feet, six inches tall, and weighs 138 pounds. He is a member of the Scorpio zodiac. He is a member of the Atlanta Falcons. His full height is five feet, six inches. His weight is 138 pounds, which is a bit under average. A few years ago, he was a high school football player. He later received a college scholarship and started playing at Hampton University. His first year at Hampton University, he redshirted. He played for two more seasons before being kicked out.

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