How to Boost the eCPM of a Gaming App?

Before learning about how to increase your eCPM for a gaming app, it is essential to understand exactly eCPM.

In simple terms, eCPM is an indicator that helps determine the exact value of an ad campaign. It indicates a publisher’s monetization performance.The formula for calculating it is: (Total Earnings/Impressions) x 1000

So, now the question is, what is a good eCPM for a game and how to increase it?

App developers commonly use this metric to analyze and compare the functioning of different ad formats and networks. A good eCPM for a game app for publishers is similar to that of advertisers. When your game traffic generates more revenue for the advertisers, they will place more ads in the application. This will help in further increasing the revenue.

A good eCPM for a game app differs from region to region. The United States has the highest eCPM, with $14.16 on iOS and $11.45 on Android. eCPM in Australia is $11.08, while it is $10.50 in Japan.

Now that we have understood what is a good eCPM for a game, let’s learn about the ways to boost it: 

1. Switch to an Ad Mediation Platform

To increase your eCPM, switching to the Ad Mediation platform is beneficial. Also known as the supply-side platform, it connects you to the ad network, DSPs, and ad exchanges. When you work with the Ad mediation platform, it makes the inventory available for different bidders. Once the highest bid wins, it increases the eCPM of your game. This platform makes it much easier for you to analyze the monetization process.

2. Better Ad Relevance

Another step is to make the suitable advertisements reach the right audience. This will lead to an improved click-through rate. Once the audience starts interacting with your ads, the campaign will be more successful and ultimately will be a positive approach toward a good eCPM for a game app. Segregate your audience based on their age, gender, and geographical location. Keep this step simple and valuable.

3. Various Ad Formats

There might be various ad formats running in the background of your game. But not every format would hold equal value. However, some formats perform better based on “how, when, and where” these ads are positioned. Some ad formats have always excelled historically. For instance, playable videos, panoramic, and reward videos have always enticed gamers.

4. Various Ad Placements

Once you have decided on the ad format that has the potential to increase the eCPM of your game, it is essential to understand its placement. Ensure that the advertisement is embedded in the typical user journey so that the chances of visibility and interaction are higher. The ads need to seem like they belong here, and if they create a negative user experience, the revenue will suffer. You can also try and experiment with different placements to study their effectiveness. This will help increase your eCPM.

5. Competitors’ Advertisement

What is a good eCPM for a game?” the same question must have popped into the minds of your competitors. If you are a contender in this hyper-competitive race, it is imperative to understand how your competitors place their ads. Through this, you’d earn better returns on the investment. So, always study your competitors’ activities and how their products and strategies can help you grow your revenue.

6. Match the Industry Standards

Right from basic banners to embedded video ads, the ad formats have evolved ever since. As the technology evolves, the user behavior changes and, thus, the requirements. As a business person, you need to pay attention to and understand every changing demand, whether there is a change in the ad format or average eCPM rate. 

It is crucial to be active and flexible in the strategies to attain results. The current trending ad format might not be relevant today. So, be open to adaptation so that you can optimize the monetization strategy.

Final Thoughts

The crux is to boost eCPM for a gaming app. It is essential to test different methods, understand the ongoing trends, and find the strategy that works in your favor. Keep analyzing the results and track every strategic change.


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