How to Estimate Electrical Work?

An electrician is an on-demand and booming industry with high competition. Price is a critical element of this business after project work as every electrician charges a different price based on the work.

Hence, you should know the electrical pricing book and what and how much to charge. You don’t want to lower your price and not get enough profit for your electrical company. Hence, let’s understand how to estimate electrical work and why you need to create an estimate.  

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  1. Why Do You Require To Create Estimates? 
  2. Things to Consider While Create Electrical Work Estimate
  3. Final Words 

Why Do You Require To Create Estimates? 

An estimate comes in the initial stage of the project. With the help of an estimate, you can predict the cost and time it will take to finish the project. It is merely based on the available elements like equipment, labor, and resource need to complete the task 

The estimate is created to understand how much resources and money you will require and also how the project will look. Several times, while creating estimates business owners identify the value of the project and due to that sometimes they decide not to take it up based on the estimate.

An estimate is essential in electrical work because it shows how much approx profit you can from the project. Let’s understand what factors are considered while creating estimates for electrical work and business. 

Things to Consider While Create Electrical Work Estimate

The estimate is all about calculating necessary costs and forecasting a total price. For that, you need to sum up overhead costs, labor costs, and take-offs. Let’s go through that in detail and finds how it helps to predict project total cost. 

Overhead costs

The overhead costs are the cost that includes extra costs like marketing fees, and legal and accounting fees. Insurance charges, and more. Even though it is a part of essential prices but it is considered an extra cost because of its one-time charge fees.

It is crucial to add this point and cost while creating an estimate otherwise your actual total cost and estimate would not match. Later, it will create complications in the final balance sheet and change the cost of the overall budget. 

Thus, it is relevant to add and calculate in each project. Overhead costs also include taxes, phone bills, rent, and other utilities. And it should be included otherwise accountant would not be able to calculate tight amount. 

However, numerous companies do count overhead as a percentage of the estimate costs, and are common for companies. 

Labor costs

Electrical is not machine work, you need an electrician to fix the problem. Therefore, there will be a labor cost that you will need to add to the estimate. It will help you to save money and time because you would know the base of the task.

For this estimated cost, you can use past project data and current market charges. Then calculate data from previous projects and the number of hours it will take to complete. From that, you can also decide how many workers you will require to hire.

By applying different formulas you can know how many workers are required to install each element. It will help you to estimate costs for larger operations and reduce errors and problems that occur in the total budget. 


The last factor to add while creating an estimate is take-offs. It is estimated on the quantities of items that contractors require for the project. A contractor or electric estimator use plans or drawing to decide how many items or specific items are needed for the job.

With tools and experiences, a take-off estimate can be calculated. Also, few estimators do it manually with drawings and designs, while few use estimating software for take-off estimates. However, it should be accurate for better future predictions.  

Final Words

Electrical work is a challenging work with lots of challenges every day. In this, you cannot afford to create wrong estimates and ruin all hard work efforts and lose money. Therefore, an estimate of electrical work should be accurate. Hope you understand what to include and how to estimate electrical work as it is a very crucial step of electrician business. 

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