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IoT continues to make headlines and move to the forefront of attention. For those who are familiar, industrial IoT is already providing significant competitive advantages as the world gets more connected and, just as COVID-19 brought about the first quantum leap in several businesses, increasing the adoption and acceptance of technological advances as well as paving the way to the IoT future. We anticipate an array of disruptive technological developments in the market as we progress beyond 2022. No matter what your goal this year, it has plenty of opportunities for IT, business leaders and  IoT app development companies. Read on to find our top IoT predictions for 2022.

As we close out this year’s events, it’s time to determine what the future of the IoT industry will look like in 2022.

Connected homes that are seamless

Although we’re still far from the vision of seamlessly connected homes, there is a progressive attempt. 

Apple is a major player in the market, and with its huge users, is frequently the leading innovator for the latest technologies. It’s rare that Apple is a proponent of an open-standard, but it has decided to do it by backing Thread. This support is likely to drive an important adoption rate in 2022.

To achieve mass adoption – consumers require easy-to-use and interoperable devices that create the feeling of trust.The most well-known smart home gadgets in the next year will be security-oriented such as doors and cameras. These will be followed by intelligent thermostats and speakers and televisions.

Digital transformation

Remote/hybrid work is here to stay , and businesses will be increasingly embracing it to ensure business continuity during unstable times, improving satisfaction of employees and a broader potential workforce, cutting costs, and so on.

Smart businesses will either keep or shrink the size of their office spaces and spend more on creating spaces that are smart for smaller numbers of people. This could include the ability to schedule rooms and workspaces or rooms, as well as automated  temperature monitoring as well as increase security and cut down on the energy usage of spaces that are not being used.

Many companies are planning to create digital copies of their offices and try their hand at moving operations into the realm of metaphysics.

Selfridges is a prime instance. The famous department store has recently unveiled virtual cities with fashion designer Charli Cohen. Shoppers can browse for physical items as well as digital versions that are available on more than 300 different virtual platforms.

Telcos will make use of technology like the IoT for their benefit

Telecom companies will make use of technology like the IoT for a way to separate their products from their competitors.

Bundles of services will more often come equipped with gadgets such as intelligent displays, lights and speakers to attract potential customers to choose them over other packages.

Telcos that operate both broadband and mobile networks can use this advantage to their advantage. Telcos operating both broadband and mobile networks are in a position to provide a service that if an outage in broadband occurs, the mobile network is used to minimize downtime and provide assurance to consumers in particular for security products.

Many people are frustrated with their connected home experience because of inadequate WiFi coverage. Telcos may promote mesh networks to alleviate these discontents.


Following a string of high-profile hacks of IoT devices, companies are expected to finally place safety at the forefront of their lists.

The security breaches put people at risk and created botnets made of compromised devices that have carried out records-breaking DDoS attacks.

Manufacturing companies that do not place security as a top priority are likely to be penalized once new laws take effect across the globe that seek to tackle the problem.

PSTI is adamant about the default passwords and makes manufacturers accountable to let customers know when their product will be updated as well as a specific address for reporting vulnerabilities and much more.

Increased malfunctions

Despite the focus that is being placed on security, an accelerated adoption of IoT will undoubtedly lead to an increase in problems.

Customers could accuse their provider of a telco for issues that can increase the number of customers who leave without a solid strategy to deal with.

Telcos are advised to assist customers in fixing any issues that arise. Utilizing network insights and automation could transform an unpleasant experience for the customer into an experience that is positive by offering help as soon as it’s needed “Doing this will require better acquaintance with next-generation AI platforms designed to significantly reduce service calls and deliver the best service possible for customers.”

More personalisation

In keeping with the theme of data, insights obtained from IoT devices enable profound personalisation.

Data is already used to provide personalizing marketing and to recommend new services and products that are more likely to attract customers with a particular interest. We anticipate that this will increase through 2022. However, we’ll also see data being used to improve day-to-day experience.

The real-time data collected by IoT gadgets can help modify applications. For instance, if you were listening to music on the smart speaker and an app was to provide suggestions for what you should play next, show an account on social media for the artist, or show a news feed specific to that music genre.

Smarter health devices

Patients will also be able to access additional devices connected to let them monitor their condition.

For instance, 422 million people across the globe suffer from diabetes, and 1.5 million deaths are attributable to the condition each year. Monitoring is currently done by taking blood samples from a finger prick possibly several times a day.

A new generation of Apple Watch is expected to include a glucose monitor that can monitor levels in a non-invasive way. For those with type one diabetes wearable insulin pumps are likely to be more popular in 2022.

The connected devices will alter the lives of people with these conditions and offer early warnings about irregularities before they become more serious. The ECG feature that is available on a growing number of smartwatches has already helped to identify heart problems prior to the onset of a potentially fatal or life-threatening problem.

All the information from these devices is able to provide doctors with greater insights into a person’s overall health throughout time. Individuality is a factor and a doctor isn’t able to visit us on a daily basis. These devices aid in remote monitoring and can show any changes over time which could be essential for a crucial diagnosis.

The growth in the ‘brownfield’ industry

“Brownfield” industries with legacy processes, standalone machines and equipment like the fields of manufacturing and utilities are expected to continue to fuel IoT growth through 2022.

They have massive installation bases for machines that they’ll be reluctant to replace but would like to reap the advantages of the Internet of Things. Innovative solutions are emerging to retrofit older equipment.

These industries have looked into developing IoT solutions, however, many are currently experimenting with prototypes. The aim is to allow data flowing between massive machineries that’ve been working for decades, allowing them to improve their manufacturing process.

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