How to Make a USDC to BUSD Exchange?

USD Coin (USDC) and Binance USD are two of the most widely used fiat-backed stablecoins in the cryptocurrency market (BUSD). The former was offered in 2018 by Coinbase and Circle, while the latter will be made available in 2019 by Binance and Paxos.

Tether is another stablecoin, however, unlike USDC and BUSD, it hides its dollar peg (USDT).

Reasons for USDC to BUSD Exchange

At first glance, switching from one stablecoin to another may seem unusual to users. To obtain tokens that are only available for purchase on the BNB Chain network or another network that is incompatible with USDC, USDC holders will commonly swap their coins for BUSD.

You may bet Bitcoin US Dollars (BUSD), buy an item that can only be bought with BUSD, or pay someone who requests payment in BUSD, they may swap BUSD to USDC.

Where to swap BUSD for USDC?

There are many different FinTech and crypto platforms where you may purchase and sell cryptocurrencies, such as exchanges, crypto wallets, swapping sites, crypto payment apps, etc. However, there are a variety of factors that affect an individual’s choice of service. Accessibility, affordability, switch time, platform security, and regional availability are all crucial considerations.

The procedure for transferring BUSD to USDC

  1. Choose your receiving network and target asset at
  2. You may provide the details of the recipient environment and asset in the “Transfer To” field.
  3. Ensure that your wallet is up-to-date by syncing with the Source blockchain.
  4. You may either link your wallet or paste the address of the blockchain where your funds will ultimately be stored.
  5. Simply put the amount you want to transfer into the appropriate field.
  6. You may also enter the amount you’ll be getting, and the bridge will calculate the difference automatically if you want.
  7. Select the “Send” button to validate the wallet purchase.
  8. There will be a redirect to the Details page after the transaction has been successfully registered.
  9. The transfer will be completed when the paperwork is submitted and validated.

How long does it take to swap cryptocurrencies using Allbridge Core?

Swap and Easy Swap Engine in Allbridge Core facilitates instantaneous cryptocurrency trading.


Expenses associated with using Allbridge Core may be broken down into two categories: fixed transaction fees and value adjustment costs.

  • Cost of Sale

In order for their transactions to be processed by the receiving chain, users must pay a transaction fee. User transactions include the transaction fee, which is paid in gas money native to the transmission chain. Sending any amount of money is meaningless.

  • Modifications to values

These adjustments will have an effect on the user’s final sum. Just a few examples are these:

  • When there is more than one transmitting token, its dollar worth increases.
  • Liquidity throughout the supply chain is provided for a flat price of 0.15 percent of the total amount transferred.
  • If there is more than one token in circulation, its dollar worth will decrease.
  • The destination chain liquidity provider always charges 0.15 percent of the total amount of the transfer.

Liquidity providers cost the customer a consistent 0.3% of their balance at all times, with the remaining 0.7% attributable to the aforementioned fluctuations in token value.


The Allbridge Core makes it simple to convert USDC to Tether. When tokens are secured in the app, the process takes just a few seconds and costs very little. Allbridge Core supports a wide variety of cryptocurrencies, including USDC, BUSD, Ethereum (USDT), BNB Chain (BUSD), Tron (USDT), Solana, and more (USDC).


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