Psychology of Instagram Likes and How to Use it to Your Advantage?

It has been observed that when we see our Instagram picture, Facebook post, or any other social media post being liked, the same brain activity happens that happens when we have won a lottery or got something big. It is no secret that Instagram likes can be used to provide a boost to your business. In this blog, let us explore the psychology behind why we feel pleasure seeing likes on our posts and how you can use it to your advantage. 

The Power of Likes on Social Media Platforms 

When scrolling through a newsfeed on any social media platform, it is common to come across posts with several hundred (or even thousands) of “likes”. When people see these posts and the number of likes they have achieved, their brains are triggered in the same way as if they had won a lottery or achieved something big in life. This creates an immediate feeling of pleasure and happiness for them. Similarly, when somebody sees the number of likes you have gathered for your post, they will be more likely to engage with it as well because they know it is being accepted by others too. A study conducted at Harvard University revealed that an increase in likes on a post actually releases dopamine in our brain which gives us a short-term burst of pleasure followed by satisfaction for achieving something significant. 

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Using Likes To Your Advantage 

As mentioned above, likes keep posts engaged and make people believe you have loyal customers who trust your brand enough to like your posts often. People take notice of high engagement levels and may be more likely to purchase products from brands with higher engagement rates than those with lower ones. On top of this, the people your customer knows may also become customers of your brand due to their friend’s recommendation – thus leading to increased sales due to high engagement levels with customers online. 

Additionally, having more followers can help build trust among potential customers as well as show off brand loyalty from existing customers towards certain products or services offered by companies.  Furthermore, having several likes on a single post demonstrates how popular your product is and makes potential customers interested in learning more about what you are offering so that they can join in too!   This can result in increased sales as well as generating leads for future sales opportunities. 

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In conclusion, understanding the psychology behind why people feel pleasure when seeing likes on social media platforms is essential when trying to use this knowledge strategically for success within businesses’ marketing strategies. By building up an initial amount of engagement through gaining likes on posts, businesses can establish trust among potential buyers while also showing loyalty from existing buyers towards certain products or services offered by companies – all leading back up higher sales and lead generation for future opportunities! Ultimately understanding the power behind ‘likes’ will equip marketers with an effective tool for increasing visibility online as well as boosting overall sales figures over time!


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