How To Make The Right Selection Of Best Doctors To Hair Transplant?

Today, all over the world, both men and women are faced with the problem of hair loss. This question worries millions of people, although some are not very worried, for the majority, it is essential from the point of view of aesthetics. People with hair loss who are not indifferent to their appearance start looking for a way out in hair transplant. For people who have made such a decision, the first and most crucial step is to find the best doctor and clinic. And we, as Victoria Bogart Hair, will take a look at this topic in the blog we have prepared for you this week. We hope this blog will benefit people looking for the best hair transplant doctor. We wish you a pleasant reading.

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What should you look for to find the best doctor for hair transplant?

Before answering the question of how to find the best hair transplant doctor, there are many questions and situations to consider. In this regard, the critical questions can be sorted as follows:

  1. You can look at the photos of the results of previous hair transplant operations of the doctors who were selected as candidates.Hair shots Before-after your doctor’s previous surgeries will give you an idea of ​​a successful hair transplant. The fact that the patients whose photographs are shown before-after are of different nationalities can also speak of his international recognition and success. On the other hand, you should also make sure that the photos provided are not from other locations. At this point, pay attention to the brand names in the image.
  2. Refer to the previous patients of your hair transplant doctor candidate.Many successful hair transplant doctors allow their new patients to interact with some of their previous clients. This will enable you to predict whether you will have a question in choosing a doctor? What awaits you as a result?
  3. If you are going to choose a doctor, research his experience in hair transplantation.Please find out about their specialization among the doctors of your choice for hair transplantation. Is your doctor exclusively a hair transplant expert? Or does your doctor specialize in other aesthetic fields besides transplant surgeon? It will be better for you if the candidate is a transplant surgeon and specializes only in the field of hair transplantation.
  4. A great advantage of hair transplant surgery has an experienced medical team.Even if the doctor is the best specialist in hair transplantation, he must qualified medical personnel. Hair transplantation will improve the overall care provided to you by your doctor with an experienced team of assistants. The presence of translators in the office for foreign patients is also an example of the level of professionalism of the doctor’s team. On the other hand, the staff who will support the doctor during the hair transplant operation must be sufficient both in quantity and quality.
  5. Take an interest in the practice experience of your future transplant surgeon.As with all fields, experience in hair transplantation is a significant factor. Talent and skill, combined with experience, always give good results. To find out about the affairs of the future doctors you have chosen for your hair transplant. You can find out how many years of experience they have in the practice of hair transplantation. The experience of a doctor who has been practicing in this area for ten years and a doctor who has only been working for two years differ from each other.
  6. Find out how many hair transplant operations the doctor has performed until today.The number of successful operations performed by a doctor during a professional life can provide a clue to the success of your hair transplant surgery. You can ask your doctor about the number of surgeries he has performed.
  7. Find out if the doctor has a certificate confirming the specialty of a transplant surgeon.Find out about the international certificates and licenses owned by doctors that qualify for hair transplantation. The fact that your doctor has internationally valid documents and certificates will give you the key to his achievements in this area. You can also look at events such as international conferences and on-site training for medical staff. Organizations such as ISHRS, EADV and ESCAD are examples of Full Members of the International Society of Transplant Surgeons.
  8. What services are offered after hair transplant surgery?After the end of the hair transplant operation, a new cycle begins; this is the process of healing and new hair growth. It takes a year for the hair follicles to finally take root and start the development of new healthy hair. During this time, the doctor and medical staff of the clinic will answer your questions and help in solving problems if they arise.
  9. Are there any additional services for hair transplant surgery?It is also helpful to investigate if there are additional services provided to you in your hair transplant surgery.
    Especially if you come from abroad, it is essential to be aware of the additional services provided to you. The packages offered may include benefits such as flight and accommodation arrangements, tours organized for you, and an assistant who offers exceptional services. You can get detailed information about this and find out the amenities that can be provided to you during the hair transplant process.
  10. You can ask your doctor what hair transplantation methods he uses.The cause of hair loss can be the result of factors such as genetics, diseases, medication with side effects, etc. Likewise, the types of hair loss are classified into different types among themselves. Due to this, the hair transplantation methods that will be applied during the transplant vary depending on the reason, style and desire of the patient. Today, FUT, FUE (Safir FUE), DHI techniques are used. Based on the analysis results, the most suitable hair transplant method is selected for you. That is why the experience and professionalism of a doctor in the field of hair transplantation and expertise in the technique used for hair transplantation are important. In this regard, you can ask the doctor about his practice in the method chosen for you.


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