How to Properly Organize a Move with Children

Children do not like changes. Probably every adult who has a child pays attention to the fact that, in general, kids up to 12-13 years old, that is, until the beginning of adolescence, try to adhere to a monotonous mode of the day; it is perfectly satisfactory to them, rarely causes active protests.

 Of course, sometimes a child may seem fun, for example, not going to bed all night, especially if it is associated with New Year’s celebrations, but any long-term failure of the regime, a serious change in the behaviour of adults or the environment can negatively affect the mood and even the well-being of the baby.

Even when it comes to relocation to another country, it is a difficult period, which can be accompanied by acute stress, even for adults. And for children, who are not always happy about changes, they can also feel the mood of their parents. 

What to Do with Children?

It is impossible not to recognise that the home move is stressful for the child. The best to endure such an event will be very young children who do not even go to kindergarten and have the least socialisation, except for the closest relatives – mom and dad. But a slightly older child, starting with two or three years, gets used not only to mom and dad but also to a certain environment around him, which means that the move will disrupt the usual rhythm of life.

Adults should prepare their children for the move in the right way. This is necessary not only for the child to experience a minimum of discomfort and to reduce stress but also so that he or she does not get cranky, does not interfere, and does not distract unnecessary attention – after all, moving, no matter how it is, stress for adults too.

Tips for Moving with a Child

The main idea when moving to another country or to a neighbouring province, which will involve a child from 2 to 12 years, is to create the most comfortable conditions. Despite the love of dimensionality and a certain regime, the psyche of children is quite plastic and mobile; it is enough to simply present the very fact of moving not as something unpleasant and traumatic but, on the contrary, fun and interesting. 

The Basic Tips

Children, even small ones, feel the mood of adults. If adults fight among themselves and argue, then the child will be capricious and show dissatisfaction because he will become anxious. 

A good option to avoid all this – is to attract help in the form of experts on moving, which will get rid of many of the problems of adults, and therefore, the child can be worried to a minimum, the excitement itself will be pleasant. Adults will be able to tell some interesting tales to present the upcoming event as an interesting adventure so that the child is encouraged, not scared or worried.

The Child’s Future Leisure Time

In advance, it is worth finding out where in the new place not only school and kindergarten but also various circles and interesting places for the child, for example, amusement parks, and then telling them about it. In this situation, the child will be waiting for the move to visit new parks to try his favourite hobby. 

If we are talking about quite an adult – older than 7-8 years, then you can explain that the move is also because you want your son or daughter to have more opportunities to do their favourite thing and have a great time.

To GoEexploring

If you buy a new apartment or house in the same city, you can go to the new place in advance, show the future housing, and then go with the child to the store so that he can choose finishing materials for repair or some accessories that are supposed to be used in the new place. 

The general idea in such a case is to make the child an active participant in the process, not just “living luggage” that is transported from place to place, but a full-fledged member of the family with influence and the right to vote. Such an opportunity is important from the age of five or six.

The Season to Move

If it is possible to choose the time for moving, it is best to stop in summer or late spring, or in extreme cases, early fall. This is the time when any move is perceived much easier than in winter, in the cold or rain, slush, or mud. In summer, there is a much better chance that the child will perceive the event as an interesting game, fun entertainment and exciting adventure in his life and will not become capricious or resist.

Set Up for the Future

Many children are against moving, especially if the family is going far away, to another city or remote area, because they will have to part with their friends and acquaintances. This will help the story about the benefits of new acquaintances and a new place; it also works well option in advance to go and see the school or kindergarten, which will get the child to understand – he will have the opportunity to establish new acquaintances and make friends. Children more easily establish new contacts, so it is enough that he understands that he will not be left all alone.

What is the Solution?

The procedure of moving is not easy for any member of the family. The child is not an exception, so it is worth preparing the baby for the procedure. Adults can make sure that the move is not a serious problem and stress, but a pleasant, exciting and interesting event that will be remembered only from a positive side.

To facilitate this event, utilise the services of a moving company. Professionals will take care of all the organisation and execution, while you can spend your time on more important things – your children, theirs and your comfort.

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