How to take notes in class?

For a long time taking notes has been an essential need for a human being since, in this way, he can expand the knowledge he has and acquire much more easily to perform different activities, the notes have been a way to reduce the information to an important point. The notes tend to have many functions; the first ones reduce the information to the simplest and most important subject.

Some many schools or institutions are teaching students to take notes on the most important topics and the most important things, that is why we must be careful and take into account all the different types of knowledge that are acquired over the years, the notes have facilitated the current education if you want to know how to take notes and notes, read on and we will explain below.

When taking notes, you should use simple and understandable language

When we talk about a language, we always refer to a method of verbal communication, which manages to convey a message and what are the words that best resemble the subject without distorting it too much. For example, there may be complex words that a person does not understand and thus does not know the important points of the subject.

It is very important that if you want to know how to make the notes correctly, you can use colloquial examples of the words that are normally used in the area where you live. This will allow you to interpret them and give you a synonym that you will be able to remember more easily since they are words with which you have been raised most of your life.

It is very important to know that these words that you have used almost all your life are not very advisable to use at work since they are mostly misspelled or misspoken by people and are not designed to be used at work.

Don’t use the whole sheet

The first thing you have to know about this type of work to make notes is that you can not occupy the entire sheet since you just have to think about what is important and read what is the relevant part of the text to know thus what the ideas that you have to capture in the text are.

Filling the text in a full sheet will not help you since it will distract you in many ways. The best thing is to add colors and separators that can make the mind pay more attention to the different topics.

It should be noted that if you need to use many sheets, the best thing to do is to take recycled sheets as this helps the environment and Mother Nature and the proliferation of trees and the reduction of logging.

It is very important to be clear that if you have not finished the topic on the same sheet, you can expand it on another sheet without any problem since that is what they are designed for, so do not be afraid to do it on several different sheets, because in this way you would be helping you to have a better interpretation of all the topics you are going to need to learn.

Use headings

Another of the best ways to be able to make a proper understanding of a topic can be to the notes you put a unique title which gives you an identity to the topic to be discussed, so it is very important to make a title that is striking and easy to remember because remembering the title will be very easy to know what it is all about the topic that is being studied.

The headings have been used to make the text more attractive and thus much more interesting for the reader. In this way, the different types of headings have evolved to a point where there are even formulas to make a suitable title for a paper or a notation of any type and specific topic.

Introduce examples in your summaries 

One of the best ways to be able to understand a topic perfectly is to have several notes on the same to make examples of different types of notes that you have. For example, if you want to talk about a type of protein, myoglobin is an example of a protein of quaternary structure, so using different examples can help improve learning. Check some examples of this here.

There are many ways in which people can use examples to their advantage because they are a great source of knowledge since they can anchor and it is very important because if the exam asks a question asking for an example, you can solve it in a simple way by giving the example that you have already written down previously, that is why examples tend to be very, very important in the daily life of a student.

Never stop writing

It is very important that you make a comprehensive analysis. After that, you have to make some tips which are summaries or proper note taking, so that in this way you can apply the knowledge. It is very important that you never stop doing it since this can lead to a point in which by spending some time without doing it, you do not know how to do it again, so you have to take notes constantly so that this way you have better knowledge.

Also, taking notes of any kind or in any way using different methods is very important because it helps you a lot when it comes to knowing what are the important topics because many people do not really know how to take notes and write down everything they see and that is not right and with time taking notes gradually passing you will be getting knowledge of how to do it correctly.

Highlight and emphasize

It is very important to take into account the use of highlighters because when it comes to being a person who does not concentrate very easily can do so because the colors call much to the brain so you can pay attention in a better way; this helps enough the person to concentrate the necessary levels so you can study and thus retain the information better.

You have to keep in mind that when it comes to highlighting something important, can be a word or some kind of term is very important that these are broken down and have them completely clear because they are very important for the subject you are studying so you have to be very careful when making any kind of ways to highlight different from others since you can have some problems.

In class, you have to forget the feeling of shame

You have to keep in mind that when asking questions, you should not be ashamed of feeling like an ignorant person since it has stigmatized a lot of people who ask questions as people who do not have the intellectual abilities to have a broad knowledge of the subject, you should forget that and focus on that you are just learning and if you do not ask questions you will not be able to learn properly.

There is a popular saying that tends to say that the dumbest people are those who do not ask questions since most people tend to have questions about a topic but keep them for social pressure, but what you should do is stay calm and ask your question without fear that other people attack you, do not be seen in a derogatory manner since you are simply trying to learn.

Practice active listening

You must be very careful and pay attention when a person is talking because there is a difference between hearing and listening. Hearing is simply the information that a person is saying is being received, but listening is paying attention to what that person is trying to communicate and tell you. That is why there is a big difference between the terms hearing and listening.

Practicing active listening can be a very complicated job because some people are not used to paying attention to the different types of ways of talking and tend to get bored quickly, at the moment that the person gets bored, the first thing to do is to remember why he is there and focus again on the topic that is being discussed in class in the talk or maybe even in a simple conversation.

Seek help from your peers

One of the best ways in which a person can develop their intellectual capacity in a broader way is to discuss with others a specific topic, mostly used to discuss a group of friends already a topic previously studied and analyzed in order to reaffirm the knowledge you already have, thus to obtain new knowledge from different sources.

You can use your friends to take notes since each one interprets the information differently, and each one may have a different point of the topic being discussed.

It may be that one of them has a more accurate point towards what the teacher may be looking for, so it is very important to discuss what points a person has and always treat them with respect without trying to denigrate or make the other person feel bad about their point of view and interpretation of what is being discussed.

Making deductions

One of the best ways that a person can do to have better note taking is to record the whole class of the professor that is being watched, and after that, make a disgrace, this means as its name indicates, to disgrace the class and write it completely all but in this case, after writing the whole class of the professor is examining which are the important parts, which are not and in this way go adding information from different types of books to complete what the professor gives.

Because we have to be clear on this point that the professors do not explain everything 100%. You have to study also apart for this way to get a good grade one of the best ways to do it is through books but not just any book; the best thing to do is to ask the professor what books he recommends or see what book is used by the university where you are and study directly from those books.


Although we have already discussed summaries before, we have not gone directly into how to make a good summary. What a good summary has to have is very simple since the person should only see what is important in the text and add it directly to a new text which is completely summarized so that, in this way, it is the least information that has to be studied but with greater benefit.

In this way, the person can perform any type of activity and summarize it so that they can better understand the different topics that can be covered in a class or throughout the school year. You have to keep in mind that summaries are not always very good because there are times when the whole text turns out to be important, and believe me, those times will come.


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