How to use digital signage to promote your car wash services?


A very crucial part of any business is its marketing strategy. A strong marketing plan is essential if you are planning to launch new services or hoping to increase customer engagement. It means you must decide upon a platform and how you will utilize it. 

Digital signage is a great marketing tool that utilizes digital signs displayed using monitors, television screens, projectors, or any screen available. These can be used to increase customer engagement, interact with customers and grab their attention in a more fun manner since the signs are not static like in posters or billboards. Often offices and businesses have extra screens, which you can efficiently utilize to display their signs. 

A report published in 2022 stated that up to 76% of Americans entered a store they had never visited previously due to its digital signage. These signs can be placed anywhere on your premises to display various things, from your services to price lists to upcoming events and promotions. Now that you know what digital signage is and its usefulness let’s discuss how you can incorporate it into your business to promote your car wash services. 

5 ways you can use digital signage 

Designing any advertisement or marketing idea must be vibrant, eye-catching, and easy to read and understand. It would be best to ensure the signs were in sight of potential customers. You can place them outside the premises or where the movement will get the most attention. You can put signs at multiple places inside and outside your location. 

Coming up with new and fresh ideas can be tricky, so you can use digital signage templates to spark your creativity and get you started. 

Here are five things you can display on these signs.

 List down all that you have to offer

One of the essential pieces of information to display is your services and prices. Even if the customer is not there for a specific service, having a list with prices can bring them in later or allow them to recommend you to someone else. This list should include any current discounts and offers and other information about the business, like the exact location and contact number. 

You can have such a sign on or off the premises both. But it should be eye-catching but professional looking and with clearly written details of the services. 

Incorporate your social media presence

You can use digital signage to redirect your customers to your social media handles. Often businesses create social media content, which can be reused and displayed on digital signage. 

You can also encourage customers to post about you on their social media profiles and display those posts on your digital signs. It also makes the customers more invested in your business. Ensure your social media handles are posted on the signs so the audience can visit them.

Highlight upcoming events

If you have any promotions or offers, or events coming up or currently going on, you can use these signs to display them. Keep things vibrant and ensure important information, like the discounts and dates, is visible. You can also use these signs to create a countdown till the upcoming event. 

Show your customers matter

One of the most effective marketing strategies is customer feedback and testimonials. You can use the signs to display what customers say about you, which adds credibility to your business. Having a digital sign allows you to highlight the maximum amount of positive reviews, and you can change them regularly, like at the start of the month or the week, or keep adding to them. Make sure each review is on the screen long enough to read easily. 

Interactive ideas increase engagement

Since these signs are digital and not static, try to make them fun and interactive. The more interactive your sign is, the more likely customers will respond to it. You can use a touch screen to display some games or a menu they can click on to see more information about the business. 

Or, if a touchscreen is unavailable, you could use fun animations that take them on a walkthrough about the business or have videos highlighting essential aspects of the company. It is on you how you make the sign interactive but use it to hold the customer’s attention.

The bottom line

Digital signage can be a game changer for any business’s marketing strategy. But it can be tricky to create content for it that is not only interesting but also done well. To get a start, you can try some of the customizable digital signage templates on websites like PosterMyWall. 

A template can allow you to dip your toes into this new concept and give you a professional-looking end product that you can use instantly. 


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