Huawei Watch GT2e- Best smart gadget at an adequate price

The Huawei Watch GT2e should be taken by anyone who loves beautiful products, does not want to charge the watch every day, and appreciates functionality for health and sports.
GT2e Huawei watch smartwatch is deservedly considered one of the most beautiful in its class, and the design and materials of the case definitely send this model into the category of premium products. And it is all the more surprising that their purchase will not be ruined. Judge for yourself: sapphire crystal, gray titanium case, ceramic, and sapphire on the back with sensors, as well as a classic genuine leather strap to match the case color. I can’t even imagine how Huawei managed not to launch this watch into the price space. Similar smartwatches with a similar choice of materials cost two or more times more, the classics also bite.

The discreet and laconic design of the Huawei Watch GT2e makes them an excellent choice for both a classic business suit and a relaxed casual set. And if you change the strap to a sports one (it’s easy to do, the fastening is usual), then the watch will look appropriate even in the gym or during training in the pool. It is a rare case when product aesthetics easily cover almost all possible combinations with clothes. Both in style and in colors. However, design alone won’t get you very far. It’s time to move on to technology and functionality.

Good morning. The watch will tell you how you slept – thanks to the battery

It is customary to end texts about gadgets with the issue of autonomy, and we begin. We managed to do this because the long operating time of the Huawei Watch GT2e on a single charge makes it possible to sleep in the watch every day and track the quality of sleep. Without such garbage, when the energy suddenly ran out somewhere in the middle of the night, and some of the data was lost. The built-in battery capacity is 455 mAh. According to the manufacturer’s version, it will last up to 2 weeks of work without recharging.

In the real world, trying to achieve the same indicator is possible only in the hardcore economy mode, cutting down all unnecessary (and even many necessary) functions. In moderate economic mode, the Huawei Watch GT2e works for about ten days, and with a high brightness level and an always-on display – a week or a little less. A dramatic drain on the battery (up to 4 days on a single charge) will happen only with very frequent use of the watch with the most voracious pair of functions – Always On Display and GPS for running. However, even in this situation, this watch demonstrates one of the best indicators of autonomy in its class. And they charge quickly too – from zero to a hundred a little over an hour and a half.

Huawei Watch GT 2e

As I said, thanks to the excellent autonomy, in the Huawei Watch GT2e you can always sleep and not worry about battery power at all. This means that every day will begin with a report on how the night went. The watch shows basic information. For details, check out the Huawei Health companion app. The charts detail the stages of rapid, light and deep sleep, the moments of awakening and the total duration. And the user is given an assessment of the quality of sleep in points every day and gives recommendations on how to improve the result.

This functionality allows you to quickly deal with the question of why I went to bed early yesterday, but still got up amazingly overwhelmed. Or vice versa, I was able to get enough sleep in a few hours. And if you set yourself the goal of changing the situation, you can figure out which of the events that happened the day before could have a better or worse effect on the quality of sleep. In general, with the Huawei Watch GT2e, an excellent tool appears on the hand to improve the quality of sleep. Well, and as a consequence – life.

Are hands busy? Do everything from the clock

The Huawei Watch GT2e is equipped with a 1.39-inch AMOLED display with a resolution of 454 × 454 pixels. Pixel density just right: watch faces, icons and texts look great. There is not even a hint of graininess in the image. There is a sensor for automatically adjusting the brightness of the screen, it is possible to choose one of five levels of backlighting. The Always-On function, when the display always shows the date and time, is in place. And so that the watch does not sit down too quickly, at rest, dial animations will be disabled, the number of visible elements will decrease, and the backlight will also decrease.

Due to the size of the screen, the dimensions of the Huawei Watch GT2e are solid: 46.7×46.7×11.4 mm. If you want a more familiar watch format – just keep the 46 mm case in your head. Most reviewers immediately label them as “purely male models”, but personally I disagree. My girlfriend too. We recall the fashion for oversized clothes, chunky boots and ugly sneakers, as well as the gigantomastia in jewelry and accessories, which has passed from luxury fashion houses to brands of the mass segment. If girls like big things and the Huawei Watch GT2e fits in style, there will be no problems with the size. True, the complete strap will have to be fastened almost to the last hole. Well, with men, it’s clear, the size is just right.

The large size of the watch is not only its role as a catchy accessory but also the convenience of working with a large display. Especially on the go. Especially when your hands are busy and you don’t want to pull a smartphone out of your pocket at all. For example, walking the dog before work. On one hand there may be a glass of coffee, in the other a leash, at the end of which the dog decided to show character and pulls where it is not necessary. If you pull out your smartphone, even the simplest action – viewing a notification or switching a playlist – can end up sadly. At best, spilled coffee and drops on your pants, at worst, you can witness the peak of your smartphone on the pavement. The watch solves this problem. And aerobatics – when their screen is big enough.

gt2e huawei watch

What to do in transport. What if, not a smartphone?

The time on the way to work – it doesn’t matter whether it is a taxi, subway or bus – is the last chance to take a little more rest and spend time alone with yourself before the start of the working day. Some people like, if not “sleeping”, then at least abstract from what is happening around and try to gain more strength. But most often these minutes (and some have hours) are spent with a smartphone. We will not condemn, but we will not call it useful either. But what if you take a smartphone or tablet and give your eyes a long-awaited respite? At least once a week.

The Huawei Watch GT2e gives you the chance to do just that. You can download your favorite tracks to the watch (we recommend something relaxing for anti-gadget therapy), plug in headphones and listen to music in such a bundle while traveling by transport. 4 GB of memory, even if part of it is occupied by software, the number of songs fits decently. Cost-effective Bluetooth 5.1 supports wireless headphone connection and streams music directly from the watch. A great option to keep your smartphone away from track switching. Otherwise, there is a risk of finding yourself flipping through endless Facebook, Instagram or TikTok again.

By the way, the watch also has stress level monitoring. We are afraid to use the word “mindfulness” (it was recently anathema on the Internet), but nevertheless, sometimes we advise you to look at these indicators in the Huawei Health app and in notifications on your watch. Still, agreed to take an hour of rest from your smartphone in transport and go to the soothing music? Then try to relax, think about something pleasant, or maybe do breathing exercises. Then see how the stress schedule changes.

In the office, you can quietly spy on notifications. Yes, even at a meeting

Perhaps your company has already abandoned the remote and even hybrid work format. We are not sure that the coronavirus has lost ground, and we are fervently rushing towards a normal future, but office everyday life has already returned for many. And along with them boring and not always productive meetings and meetings. Feeling a vibration in your pocket in the midst of a dull planning meeting, you have a chance to die of curiosity about what kind of news is brought to your smartphone. Pulling out the phone is bad form. The watch perfectly solves this problem and gives a chance to instantly, and most importantly, almost imperceptibly for others to satisfy curiosity. And in any other situation, notifications on the watch are one of the best and most demanded functions, allowing you to decide without taking out your smartphone whether the active response is required.

Another cool bonus of the Huawei Watch GT2e for office work is that it doesn’t need a special magnetic charger like many other watches. A Qi induction mat is enough, which means they can share the charge with a smartphone. Of course, if your – supports and there is the same rug at work. What is the point and why in the office? We explain: we have already decided that the Huawei Watch GT2e has great autonomy. On the one hand, this is very cool, but on the other hand, sometimes you get so relaxed that you forget to charge them at home in time. And at this moment, the presence of a Qi-mat in the office becomes salvation. Finding a charge for other smartwatches from colleagues can be very, very difficult, and carrying one from home to work and back is simply inconvenient.

Well, and where is it without sports. In this question, Huawei Watch GT2e is a pro

The equipment of the Huawei Watch GT2e for sports and health tracking is at the highest level. The watch has a heart rate monitor, pulse oximeter, activity meter, sleep quality, compass, barometer, altimeter and GPS. With such, it is not scary to go to the mountains – and they will help you find your way back, and they will notify you of a sharp change in weather. At rest and during exercise, the watch monitors your heart rate and sends notifications when anomalies occur. Blood oxygen saturation is not measured with medical precision but gives a general idea of ​​the condition. It is useful for those who are not enough in the fresh air, and in a pandemic, it will not be superfluous.

In total, there are 100 types of different workouts and activities available in the watch. Ten of them, for example, running, rowing and walking, are detected and started automatically – that is, there is no need to activate data tracking. Some sports – for example, snowboarding, which is up-to-date with the approach of winter, and golf, which is not very popular- are tracked in an extended mode for the pros. The watch can tell you about club swing or slope and board speed. As for the bulk of workouts, the watch users will have access to basic information about efficiency: duration, calories burned, heart rate. Of course, all data is recorded in the Huawei Health app for further study in all details.

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