Huguette Tuytschaever


The jazz violinist and composer Huguette Tuytschaever is a big fan of Toots Thielemans. She can often be found singing along with him on YouTube. The singer has an unmistakable voice, which is easy to recognize in the images and interviews she shares. But what is the secret to her voice? Is there a way to hear it without listening to her music?

Toots Passed Away

The late Toots Thielemans and his wife Huguette Tuytschaever were married in 1980. They were inseparable until Toots passed away in 2017. Toots was a well-known Belgian jazz musician and was married twice, first to Nette De Greef in 1976 and then to Huguette in 1980. Until Toots’ death in July 2017, they were inseparable. Toots was a harmonica player and performed with Miles Davis and many other famous musicians. His solos have also been recorded on the soundtracks of numerous movies.

Talented Woman

Huguette Tuytschaever’s talent for jazz extended to composition. She wrote many songs and composed some of the greatest tunes of the last century. Her talents were admired by many and she was the first woman to record a tune for Sesame Street. Her chromatic instrument allowed her to meander through three octaves without stopping. Her compositions also appeared in high-profile ads and soundtracks. Her music was featured on a number of records by famous artists, including Paul Simon, Billy Joel, Johnny Mathis, and others.


Toots Thielemans’ net worth is estimated to be $13 million. He was a jazz guitarist who split his time between Sweden and the United States. The couple’s 1961 jazz waltz Bluesette was recorded in Stockholm. Toots Thielemans and Huguette married in 1980. The musician is also known for his use of the chromatic harmonica. They live in the United States.

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