Hyde Box-Style Disposable Vape Review

Rapidly gaining popularity among vaping enthusiasts are the box-type or box mod vapes. These are nothing but square or rectangular-shaped vaping devices. They usually come with a smart card chip that helps customize a few aspects, like wattage and airflow.

Many brands are now in the market for box-style disposable vapes. But Hyde is one of the best and most in-demand amongst users. 

Vapers love the flexibility to personalize Hyde disposable box-type vapes along with their chic exterior. Combined with innumerable flavors, they become the perfect vaping device for anyone. 

So, why not get your hands on these vapes? With great features, a great vaping experience is guaranteed at Hyde.

Hydes Box-Style Disposables – Whats The Deal?

There are a plethora of vaping devices out there to choose from. The most reckoned of these devices are Hydes disposable vapes.

They offer an outstanding range of disposables with varying battery life and puff count for each device. The prefilled e-liquid is a godsend. Not only this, but many of their devices provide adjustable airflow, making every hit smooth.

All these benefits of a Hyde disposable are now packaged in box-shaped devices, and thus Hyde box-type disposables. The structure gives an excellent look, along with ease of carrying around. Some even come with a battery indicator that makes it easier to recharge on time.

So now avoid the hassle of refilling the e-liquid with stylish Hyde box mods.

Hyde Box-Type Disposables – Review

With the increasing popularity of box mods, the Hyde brand strives to keep up with the trend. As a result, their box-type vapes offer remarkable features and a lasting experience. 

So, here, take a look at two of their products that are much in demand amongst vapers.

  • Hyde IQ Disposable Vape Pen 5000 Puffs Rechargeable

One of the latest releases of the Hyde brand is the Hyde IQ series. 

It is a noteworthy device collection with features that will grab your attention. And Hyde IQ Disposable Vape Pen 5000 Puffs Rechargeable is one of this series’s most attractive and feature-packed products.

It comes with a LED-based battery level indicator. Each light color represents a battery level range – red indicates a battery percentage of 1-16%, orange signifies a battery percentage of 16-30%, and green implies a battery percentage of 30-100%. 

Also, you can easily recharge your Hyde IQ box mod using a type-C cable when the battery indicator turns red. But if the vape juice indicator turns red, its time to buy a new one; your device is out of e-liquid.

In addition, the impressive 5000 puffs, coupled with the mesh coil, make every hit clear. Moreover, the adjustable airflow ensures no harsh hits. 

Adding to the ease of use is the pre-installed smart chip. Besides, it also has a prefilled 8 mL vape juice containing around 5% nicotine.

  • Hyde I.D. 4500 Puffs Rechargeable

Its a chiseled box-shaped vape from Hyde that will significantly enhance your vaping experience. The exterior design is one of a kind that fits perfectly in your hand or pockets. 

So, vapers looking for lesser airflow restriction, here is a device you will love. This box-style disposable vape offers a mildly loose mouth-to-lung (MTL) hit, ensuring optimum flavor in each puff.

Combined with a prefilled e-liquid of 10 mL, each puff will be exhilarating. Also, the nicotine content in these devices is about 5% or 50mg. 

This device comes with a battery life of 650 mAh. So, if you are running out of battery, no worries! It is easily rechargeable with the help of a Micro USB charging cable.


Vaping devices are evolving over time, and vapers have never been happier with Hydes box-style disposables. After all, multiple devices offering a variety of features are hard to say no to! 

So, what are you waiting for? Grab a box mod from Hyde today and stir up the fun and thrill!

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