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Ilka Bessin: The comedian’s fortune

How rich is Ilka Bessin?

The name Ilka Bessin is not immediately familiar to everyone. Far more people, on the other hand, can relate to “Cindy from Marzahn”. This is a fictional character that Ilka Bessin regularly slips into and who has significantly increased her popularity in this country. From 2000 to 2016 Cindy, who likes to stand on stage in a pink jogging suit, had her high. In the meantime, the alleged millionaire’s private life has come more to the fore. She is engaged to a stranger and can look forward to the great happiness of her marriage. However, her desire to have children has remained unfulfilled. The cherished Ilka Bessin’s net worth is 7 million euros.

Let’s Dance 2020

From February 21, 2020, Ilka will be dancing in the successful RTL format Let’s Dance.

This is how Cindy came from Marzahn

Income from Ilka Bessin
It is no coincidence that the stand-up comedian invented a character like Cindy of all people. After all, Ilka Bessin grew up as the daughter of a seamstress and a truck driver in rather modest circumstances. After graduating from school in the GDR, she trained as a cook. However, as part of the turnaround, Ilka lost her job and had to reorient. At first she worked as a waitress in a discotheque until she even took over its management. What followed was one Career as a hotel specialist.

She was hired as an entertainer on a cruise ship and was already able to do so prove their talents as a comedian. After returning to Berlin after this gig, Ilka Bessin was unemployed for four years. Her life was therefore not only determined by rosy times for a long time. The fact that the character Cindy is long-term unemployed can be explained by a look at the personal life story of the comedian.

The comedian career: the purest stroke of luck

The fact that Ilka Bessin made it out of unemployment and up on the big stage is thanks to a lucky coincidence. In 2004 she actually wanted to apply as a waitress at Quatsch Comedy Club Live in Berlin. However, she dialed the wrong number and ended up talking to the person in charge of booking the stage talent. This person invited Cindy from Marzahn to join the Nonsense talent factory to try once. In fact, she was able to win the annual finale of this competition in 2005, which is considered to be the comedian’s first major success.

Ilka Bessin's fortune
Then her career really got going. As a comedian, Ilka was allowed to appear on TV in the “Schillerstraße” format. From 2009 to 2012 Cindy even got her own show on the TV broadcaster RTL. Even with “Wetten, dass …?” Cindy was able to distinguish herself as a funny assistant to the moderator Markus Lanz. She has also moderated “Promi Big Brother” with Oliver Pocher. One of the greatest successes is arguably her Broadway show, which started in 2014. This woman in fact embodies the dream “From dishwasher to millionaire”.

Great success for Ilka Bessin

Incidentally, Ilka Bessin stayed true to her homeland. She doesn’t live in the cosmopolitan city of New York, but in Berlin-Wilmersdorf. She has not only appeared in three films now. She has already won the German Comedy Prize for “Best Comedian” four times. These awards are also evidence of an extremely successful career: Golden Camera, Radio Regenboden Award, Bravo Otto and their platinum record. In 2016 Ilka Bessin announced that she will stop with her fictional character Cindy from Marzahn. The boundaries between fictional character and Ilka Bessin disappeared more and more. Since then, only Ilka Bessin can be seen on TV, the pink jogging suit and the wig were hung on the nail.

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