How Elderly People Can Improve Their Physical Performance

As people grow older, so do their bodies. Unfortunately, this means the body cannot be expected to perform like it used to. However, while this can be a problem, it is not always a barrier and many older adults are able to find ways to move around comfortably with little effort or pain, it helps if you take steps in your formative years to prepare for this.

Poor mobility can be a big problem for older adults. It can restrict movement as well as causing regular and consistent pain. Although this problem, for the most part, is inevitable, several factors can keep you comfortable and moving well into your later years. 

Daily Exercise

Daily exercise is important for everyone. The human body needs regular movement and attention to work optimally. But as you grow older, this becomes more difficult. So, for older adults, daily exercise does not mean a daily 5km run. There are plenty of simpler exercises people of an older age can you do daily, such as the following: 

Walking – Walking is a great way to get your body working. It can be relaxing, enjoyable, and beneficial to mental health as well as your physical health. This does not have to be a strenuous workout for anyone. A simple 15-minute walk can be very beneficial. 

Mobility exercises – These are simple exercises that require little to no equipment. They can be done in the comfort of your own home, with very little space needed. Some mobility exercises include pelvic tilts, shoulder blade squeeze, toe taps, and heel raises. 

Balance exercises – Again, these are simple exercises that require no equipment or great space. They help improve your natural balance as well as reducing the risk of falls and injuries. Some examples of balance exercises are single-leg balance and shifting weight. 

Retirement Home

Retirement homes can be great for improving mobility and the physical condition of an older adult. The likes of assisted living Clayton and many more senior care facilities offer fantastic physical assistance to residents. Their physical therapy services can help get people moving the way they want to, thanks to their trained professionals. Whether you have sustained an injury or want to gain confidence in your physical ability again, retirement homes can be a great option. 

Retirement homes also promote a healthy lifestyle. With a good variety of activities available to the residents, it benefits them both physically and socially. These fun activities are a great way to keep moving and allow the body to work. 


Some people often tend to associate physiotherapy with only the highest-level athletes. But the truth is, there is a place in the physio, physio narrabeen for anyone who needs it. No matter what age you are, there are benefits you can gain from visiting a physio. By visiting your local physio, you will be able to receive professional help to overcome injuries, flexibility issues, and much more. They can also provide long-term advice to help maintain your ideal body condition. 

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