Wear Your Hat Correctly to Get a Stylish Look

Even the most stylish hat will lose its appeal if not worn properly. As hats gain more importance and popularity as fashion accessories for men and women, it is not just enough to know about hat styles and hat materials but also about the right way to wear them. To achieve the right looks, you must wear the hat properly by considering the hat style that dictates how to wear it. For example, if you choose a straw fedora, you must wear it in the frontal part of your head so that the brim tilts forward slightly and offers enough shade to the face. On the other hand, if you choose a Trilby that looks almost like a fedora, you must wear it at the rear of your head to highlight the style. 

Knowing the types of hats should help you understand the proper way of wearing them according to the style variations and achieve functionality. Here are some hat-wearing tips based on the choice of hats which you can buy from

Fedora hat

The creased crown and the wide, curled brim of the soft felt hat are the distinctive features of fedora hats that top the popularity chart of hats. The underlying features of men’s fashion are evident in the hat design that women too love very much and make it the most talked-about unisex hat. Women who want to create the androgynous or tomboyish looks would find fedoras most suited while it goes equally well with outfits that have prominent feminine features.  Men prefer fedoras to create smart looks, while women are happy to adore them for casual wear. These all-weather hats are suitable for cold and milder climates too.  

The best fit for fedoras is to pull it don on the head to sit just above the brow line.

Panama hat

The typical summer hat made from soft natural fibers is large enough with a high crown that allows you to stay cool in hot weather. The hat owes its style inspiration to the fedoras, as evident from the central dent in the crown with a slight pinch in the front and the brim width varies to suit users’ needs. Made from creamy toquilla straw, the hats are available in various styles, but you must be aware of the shape of your face to choose the most appropriate style. Besides the style, the quality and color are also important as it aids the functionality and appearance. 

Panama hats are versatile, and you can wear them with any outfit. For a conservative look, place it flat on your head, and for a jaunty look, put it slightly angularly but act with restraint so that you do not look like someone over-imbibed at the bar on the beach.


If you have both trilby and fedora in your wardrobe, be careful when picking by knowing what you want because even a slight distraction can make you choose the wrong one. It can happen because, at a glance, a trilby looks very much like a fedora.  The only difference that must not escape your eyes is that the crown of the trilby is taller than the fedora and the brim is smaller.  The hat is a favorite of the upper class you see at the horse racing courses, madly cheering their favorite horse.  

Wearing the Trilby by keeping the forehead visible is the best fit for trilby, although you can alter it slightly to make you feel more comfortable.

 Bowler hat

 The Bowler hat can be an ideal substitute for a fedora or trilby, but only from the perspective of fashion and not functionality. Although the bowler hat does not enjoy the same popularity as that of fedoras and trilbys, you can adapt it to create your style that helps to stand out from the crowd. The hat is an understated asset, and you should be smart enough to get the most from it by wearing it with a blazer, and when the weather cools down further, wear it along with your cashmere coat or convert.  The elegance and sophistication of the hat should make you confident enough to show your best side to the world. In addition, the versatility of the Bowler cap makes it suitable for various face shapes, which expands its acceptance among people who know how to wear the hat that makes them look great.


The hat of the Renaissance period has made a comeback. It has now become a fashion accessory and even a common sight among the revolutionaries and the military.  Unlike most hats that occupy the central part of the head, berets are for wearing on one side of the head. The appeal of the beret lies in its tilted positioning on the head on one side, and you must ensure that you pull it down on one side over your ear. 

Adjust the beret unless you find the right look and balance.

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