Indoor vs Outdoor Growing: Unraveling Marijuana Cultivation

Indoor vs Outdoor Growing: Which Is Best for Beginners?

The debate of indoor vs outdoor growing is a polarizing one among cultivators. Some even believe that weed grown inside is better than their outdoor counterparts.

A cultivar like the Jealousy strain gives a beginner an easy time whether you grow it indoors or outdoors. The weed plant can thrive in most conditions due to its ability to adapt to the environment. Not all cultivars are forgiving, so which method is best for beginners? 

Join us as we compare outdoor and indoor growing. We’ll look at the advantages and disadvantages of each. We’ll also provide information to make an informed decision on the best method suited for you. 

Factors influencing marijuana growing for beginners

The choice of indoor or outdoor cultivation depends on your unique growing situation. The best method for a beginner is one that presents fewer technicalities but with more yields.

Factors that influence the best environment to cultivate marijuana for beginners include:

  • Climate: Most cannabis plants generally grow well in warm climates. Living in an area with cold weather limits you to cultivate your crop indoors. It allows you to control the temperature.
  • Cost: Outdoor growing requires less financing than indoor planting. Beginners can use the freely available cultivation resources to start.
  • Quality: Enthusiasts argue that indoor weed is better than outside weed in terms of taste and effects. Beginners looking to grow quality from the onset can utilize this method.
  • Space: The availability of a free area favors outdoor growing for beginners. 

Outdoor cannabis growing

Outdoor crop cultivation is the original and oldest method. The earliest recorded history of marijuana use dates back to 2727 B.C. in China.  

Growing weed outdoors can both be an advantage and a disadvantage for beginners. Here are lists of both.

Pros of outdoor growing

  • It’s an easy method of growing marijuana. The environment provides sunlight, nutrients, and water. It’s less strenuous to beginner growers.
  • It’s sustainable and better for the environment. Outdoor growing is eco-friendly since it leaves less carbon footprint.
  • Outdoor growing produces large weed plants. Big crops mean more bud sites, which translates to higher yields.
  • It’s cheap to grow marijuana outdoors, especially in terms of startup costs. The environment provides all the requirements for cultivation, like light, water, and nutrients.

Cons of outdoor growing

  • Anticipate longer growth times as the crops depend on seasonal weather. Expect only one harvest every year unless you’re nearer to the equator.
  • Outdoor marijuana plants may face attacks from pests.
  • There is a cost of securing your plants from thieves or animals that may destroy your crop for the year.
  • Weather elements, like hail and heavy rainfall, can damage your crops if not well shielded.

Indoor cannabis growing

Indoor vs Outdoor Growing: Unraveling Marijuana Cultivation

Indoor cannabis growing is a relatively new cultivation  method. It’s the practical way for a beginner to plant cannabis if you live in an urban area. It also provides a level of privacy that many growers prefer.

When cultivating indoors, you’ll also have better control over every aspect of the environment. It requires extra care, consumes more of your time, and can be more pricey.

We’ve listed the pros and cons below.

Pros of indoor growing

  • Indoor cultivation offers complete control of the growth process. It allows the regulation of temperature, humidity, light, nutrients, and water. It also provides a consistent quality of nugs with each harvest.
  • Cannabis plants sometimes grow faster when raised indoors. Beginner cultivators can control how long the crops stay in each stage through light schedule manipulation.
  • It provides a discreet way of growing marijuana away from prying eyes.
  • Cultivating all year round is possible with this method.
  • Enthusiasts agree that indoor growing produces plumper buds than outdoor cultivation..

Cons of indoor growing

  • Setting up your indoor grow space can be expensive at first. It’s vital to note that maintenance and operation can also incur high recurring costs.
  • Providing specialized care is a problem if you don’t have enough time and resources. It can be straining for beginners with little or no knowledge of marijuana growing.
  • Growing marijuana indoors impacts the environment. A study estimates that cultivating an ounce affects the world the same as burning 7–16 gallons of gas.

Is it easier to grow indoors or outdoors?

Selecting the best method can seem overwhelming. It comes down to your unique circumstances and cultivation goals..

Growing indoors is easier if you have limited space. It can also be hard because of the processes involved. Outdoor cultivation is best when you have limited funds or resources, but can be challenging in extreme weather conditions.

Weighing your goals is the starting point in choosing the method suited for you. Consider the pros and cons of indoor vs outdoor cultivation. Remember your growing situation is unique. Factor that in when making your decision.

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