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Have you ever heard about online language platform, specially online English learning platform? Online language platform is especially popular in South Korea, and it is normally translated as 화상영어 in Korean.

More Detail about Online Language Learning
So, what is exactly 화상영어, online English learning platform? It is what you can interpret as in the text itself, users can learn and study English or other language by online. These kinds of online language platform normally offer video call so that a teacher and a student can easily hold a class online. The platform itself provides a suitable setting and environment for students and teachers to start lessons by using internet connection. Also, most of the time the lessons and classes are held with somebody that is in long-distance, which enable students to get high-quality classes with teachers who are native in the subject language.

Pros and Cons for Learning Language Online

Since many people are interested in new types of learning, there are advantages and disadvantages for online learning.


1. There are no constraints of time and space.
2. It is possible for real-time two-way communication.
3. It is cheaper than most of offline classes.
4. There are a lot of opportunities for choosing courses in a short amount of time.


1. It is impossible to meet teachers in person.
2. It is a bit hard to concentrate on to the class.
3. There might be a problem for internet connection.
As we’ve found in the above list, there are few drawbacks for taking classes online. However, we always can overcome the weaknesses. First of all, even if you cannot meet teachers in person, it is not a big deal. You can meet teachers virtually face-to-face with web camera through a computer. So, even if you cannot meet teachers in person, it is not a big deal. Secondly, if the class itself is very exciting and has much fun, your focus will be always on your teacher. If you have a concentration problem, don’t worry about that, your professional teachers will draw your attention throughout the class. On top of that, internet connection will be important for online classes, but if you set your connection stable before the class begins, there might not be a big issue with developed technology for these days. You just make sure to do the internet check beforehand.

An Example Platform for Online Language Platform

There is a online language learning platform called, AmazingTalker. This service contains over 7,000 tutors with over 10 different language courses. Among them, you can find a tutor that perfectly fit your needs with your target language. Since there are a lot of teachers waiting for you, there are much freedom in selecting teachers without worrying timetable and schedule. The most remarkable fact about AmazingTalker is that class satisfaction in the service is around 99.53%, almost reach 100%. Also, they offer 1 time trial classes for students to try out the course first with low price. This helps students and teachers to learn each other and understand the teaching style before going deep into the main course.
The price range for AmazingTalker is varied based on experiences of teachers. In average for taking 1 class in the service is around $10 ~ $15, and it starts from $7 to $25. The trial classes are much cheaper than regular classes. So, if you are hesitant about starting in full-scale, you can simply shoot for a trial class. AmazingTalker receive payment through credit card, back transfer and paypal.
Since all of AmazingTalker’s classes are done online, teachers and tutors are dispersed all around the world. If you want to learn French, for instance, you can find Canadian-French teacher, French-French teacher, or teachers from your own country who can teach French. Furthermore, there are a lot of categories regarding specialty of teachers. These category covers from kids to adults, causal conversational course to formal business-related course, and also test-based Language, such as IELTS, TOEFL, HSK, JPT, or etc. Both of teachers and students have a variety of choices in terms of specialty.
There are pros and cons for AmazingTalker service, like every other service does. For pros, they offer payment for each time. It does not force to buy classes as a entire course or monthly. Also, AmazingTalker freely opens their tutor’s profile and information, so that students can choose based on their own needs. On the other hand, they do not offer free trial for new users.



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