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Jason Derulo: Singer’s Fortune

How rich is Jason Derulo?

If you stick to the correct spelling, Jason Derulo’s name is actually Jason Joel Desrouleaux. The son of immigrants from Haiti had a remarkable career as a songwriter, singer, actor and dancer on the stage from childhood. While other boys wanted to become a firefighter and astronaut, 8-year-old Jason was already writing his own songs. After graduating from the music academy, stars like Pitbull, Lil Wayne and have already adopted Jason Derulo’s songs. Since 2008 he has been an active singer himself. The cherished Jason Derulo net worth amounts to 15 million euros.

Studied opera, ballet and theater

Jason Derulo's income
Already at a young age Jason Derulo trained intensively ballet and also selected a high school with a focus on drama and musicals. At 16 he was an extremely productive songwriter and was hired by JR Rotem as a composer. In 2008 he signed his first recording deal with Beluga Heights and released the single Cyber ​​love. The desired success did not really want to set in, which is why the release of the first album Future History always delayed.

When the industry giant Warner took over the Beluga Heights label, everything should change: Jason Derulo’s single was released in 2009 Watcha say. Suddenly there were awards and he found himself in the opening act of Lady Gaga. In the same year, the single reached number one on the US charts and also over two million downloads. The following singles should all find themselves in the top 10 of the US and international charts. The studio album Jason Derulo then appeared in 2010.

Finally will Future History released

The long planned album Future History was released in 2011 as a second studio album and was able to claim a lot of positive feedback and top chart positions. This album was supposed to be promoted on a tour through Great Britain, but a serious injury to Derulos made this impossible. During rehearsals for the tour, he broke a cervical vertebra and had to take a break for a while. Jason Derulo made his first appearance after the injury in March 2012 on the talent show American Idol.

Jason Derulo does not have the heart to disappoint his fans, even when it comes to his health: In 2018, he injured his arm before a concert in Portugal. Instead of canceling the concert, he was on stage immediately after the hospital treatment. And when a concert in Prague had to be canceled for security reasons, he didn’t hide in his suite, but was even ready for a spontaneous gig on the balcony.

Official song for the 2018 World Cup

Fortune of Jason Derulo
Jason Derulo released another studio album in 2013 and 2015. The albums include some collaborations with rappers such as Snoop Dogg, Kid Ink and Tyga. In 2016, the all-rounder turned back to acting for a change and took a role in the US series Lethal weapon on. In 2018 he delivered Colors the official anthem for the 2018 World Cup in Russia in cooperation with advertising partner Coca Cola.

Jason Derulo Sources of Income

The singer-songwriter’s fortune has been on the rise since 2011, and in 2016 he broke the million mark for the first time. As a solo singer, he has sold around 30 million records and received countless awards. The debut single Watcha say was sold over five million times and remains an important source of income to this day. That too Debut studio album Jason Derulo has sold most successfully so far and brought Derulo high revenues of more than 475,000 euros.

He also earned another 1.6 million euros Sponsorship agreements with Coca Cola, Equinox Gyms and Christian Louboutin, among others. With such advertising deals Derulo continues to expand his fortune. He is currently single and lives in a luxurious house in California – purchase price: 2.5 million euros. But he also likes to spend his money on charity and his own cars.

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