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Kanye West: Rapper’s Net Worth and Income

How much money does Kanye West have?

The American rapper and record producer Kanye West owns an esteemed Assets of 1.2 billion euros making him the richest rapper on the planet. At the beginning of his career, this was mainly due to his numerous successes in the music business as well as in his work as a producer for other musicians and the music label Good Music. However, YE made the big money with its sneaker brand Yeezy. His (ex) wife Kim Kardashian West is also filthy rich.

With Yeezy to the richest rapper in the world

Kanye West richest rapper
In addition to his music career, West is active in the field of fashion and cooperated with Nike until 2013, from which the popular sneaker brand Yeezy emerged. In October 2013, Kanye West stopped working with Nike and announced that he would henceforth bring streetwear and shoes to the market with German competitor Adidas. This collaboration eventually made him a billionaire because it is valued that the brand Yeezy is now said to be worth 3 billion US dollars.

The trademark rights themselves belong 100% to Kanye. The brand generated sales of 1.5 billion US dollars in 2019 alone. According to various US media, the current deal with Adidas is expected to generate a share in sales of around 11%. include. That would be $ 165 million for the rapper in just one year. Yeezy’s growth numbers for the future look extremely bright, which is why Net worth, according to YE’s own data, of $ 3.3 billion would be realistic. We tend to start further down with our estimate.


Because of its groundbreaking success, Kanye West is considered to be one of the most influential musicians in the hip-hop genre. West primarily uses samples and has changed his sound enormously over the years. Thus, the musician always set new trends and consolidated his personal production style, whereby Kanye West mixes different genres nowadays, such as soul, classical or electronic music. To date, Kanye West has sold at least 15 million records around the world and received 21 Grammy Awards for his musical performances. The renowned Time Magazine also named West one of the 100 most influential people of our time.

That’s what Kanye West did with his fortune

  • Merit of Kanye West
    Apartment in LA ($ 3.3 million worth)
  • Hollywood Hills House ($ 3.99 million worth)
  • Apartment in New York
  • Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren
  • Aston Martin DB9
  • Mercedes G500
  • Lamborghini Aventador
  • Lamborghini Gallardo

Controversial statements

Kanye West is mostly because of it questionable statements known to the public. The self-proclaimed Louis Vuitton Don never minuses his mouth and is extremely open about his opinion. After the disaster caused by Hurricane Katrina, Kanye West said in an interview that incumbent US President George W. Bush would not care about African Americans. This is just one of many controversial statements. West once said that AIFS was a man-made disease. He also reflects this view in the song Heard ‘Em Say.

In addition, Kanye West publicly advocates homosexual people and is one of the few rappers to set an example. Funnily enough, he said in an interview in 2015 about the presentation of his second fashion collection “Yeezy” that he felt bullied as a “non-gay fashion designer”. Furthermore, West actively disrupted an award ceremony for singer Taylor Swift for the best video of the MTV Video Music Awards 2009. Here West was of the opinion that a clip of Beyonce would have better deserved the award. During this action, Kanye was booed by the people present and the audience. A few days later, however, the musician apologized.

Was Kanye West broke in 2016?

In February 2016, Kanye sparked a huge shitstorm on Twitter in which he said he had debts of $ 53 million and Mark Zuckerberg asked if he would like to invest a billion. The whole action was more of an ingenious PR gag to get back into the media everywhere.

Kanye West net worth

Relationship with Kim

Kanye West was already dating some celebrity women. Model Amber Rose will be followed by the well-known IT girl and TV star Kim Kardashian at his side in 2012. In October 2013, the two celebrities got engaged after having a daughter “North West” in June of the same year. In 2014 they got married in Florence. In December 2015 their first son “Saint West” was born. The couple had their third child, daughter “Chicago West” (2018) and fourth child, son “Psalm West” (2019) carried by a surrogate mother. As early as 2020, rumors of a divorce between the celebrity couple emerged. On February 19, 2021, Kim officially filed for divorce and it involves a gigantic fortune. According to insiders, there should be a marriage contract and according to this, around 2.1 billion US dollars will be divided between the two. Including some luxury properties and expensive works of art.


Similar to his colleague Jay Z, Kanye West supports several social organizations. For example, the Kanye West Foundation should be mentioned, whereby the singer actively supports young people who do not have a school leaving certificate. The aid organization Doctors Without Borders is also one of the recipients of donations from West.

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