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Jennifer Psaki was born in 1978 in Connecticut. Her parents have not revealed details of her education, but it is believed that she is still a teenager. The name Genevieve means “woman of the family” in French. It is pronounced as “JEN-a-veev”. Jen Psaki is 44 years old and a married woman. She is currently married to Greg Mecher, a former congressional chief and former chief of staff of Congressman Steve Driehaus.

News of Weight Loss

Following the news that she has contracted the deadly coronavirus Covid-19, Jen Psaki has shed a significant amount of weight. Many people believe that the virus is taking a toll on the White House Press Secretary. This saga has led to the rumors that she has resigned from her White House post and quit her job. However, Jen has never confirmed any of these rumors.

Nine kilograms in 2 weeks!

The White House secretary reveals that she has never been known to have any kind of weight problems. Before she got Covid-19, she had no problem with her weight. Although she has lost weight since then, she still does not speak out to the public about her health. In fact, the rumor about her weight loss appears to be a ploy to distract attention from the news that she is leaving the White House. However, the reality is that the press secretary has lost nine kilograms in just two weeks.


Jen Psaki lost considerable weight after her second diagnosis. Her weight was around 130 pounds (59 kg) when she was diagnosed. She and her husband Greg Mecher have two daughters, Genevieve and Jack. In fact, the two share a mother-daughter relationship. Psaki was a former chief of staff to US Senator Joe Kennedy and Congressman Steve Driehaus and had two children. The pair met while she was pregnant and got married in 2010.

COVID-19 Diagnosis 

After being diagnosed with COVID-19, Psaki lost a substantial amount of weight. She was 130 pounds at the beginning of her disease, but hasn’t been speaking about her health in the past few years. This has led some to speculate that Psaki has become very frail. However, there is no way to know for sure. It is too early to speculate but it’s worth checking her health.

Left White House

Although she left the White House after COVID-19, she has not yet signed a contract with a progressive cable info group. Despite the lack of information about her future, a spokesperson for the White House said her focus would remain answering questions for the president. As a result, Psaki’s departure is unlikely to cause any major controversy. While she hasn’t officially signed a contract with MSNBC, rumors about her departure have begun to circulate.


As a press secretary, Psaki has been accused of breaching the Hatch Act. She defended herself by saying that she had acted ethically and flagged potential conflicts to her bosses. Psaki says she has been diagnosed with COVID and she has subsequently lost weight. She has not disclosed her medical history, but her recent appearances at MSNBC suggest otherwise. If Psaki is indeed going to leave the White House press secretary’s job, she might have a problem.


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