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The Beautiful Daughter of Bobby Ridarelli, Jennifer Ridarelli Dulin

The beautiful daughter of Bobby Ridarelli, Jennifer Ridarelli Dulin, has opted to live a quiet life. She studied at Saint Joseph’s University and now works with CORE Foodservice.

Her father, Bobby Rydell, was a teen idol in the 1960s. He was known for his hit songs like “Wild One” and his role as Hugo Peabody in the 1963 film “Bye Bye Birdie.”

Bobby Rydell

Bobby Rydell, whose million-selling hits including “Volare” and “Wild One” defined the era of rock and roll in the 1950s, has died at the age of 79. His hometown of Philadelphia honoured him with a street named after him in 1995, and he was also inducted into its Walk of Fame.

The teen idol was married to his first wife, Camille Quattrone Ridarelli, for 35 years until she passed away in 2003. He later married Linda Hoffman in 2009.

After his death, his wife wrote a memoir, “Bobby Rydell: Teen Idol on the Rocks.” It was published in 2016. The book chronicles his life story and shows how he managed to recover from alcohol abuse.

He was a warm, funny and generous person. He was also a great cook who always made sure that his family was well fed. He loved his hometown of Wildwood and was always very active in the community.

Jennifer Ridarelli Dulin

One of the more recent entries into the Rydell oeuvre was Jennifer Ridarelli Dulin. The woman in question is a well-educated lady who sported a stellar work ethic and is on the road to a long and happy marriage. She studied at Saint Joseph’s University in Pennsylvania, eschewing the ratchet and rattle of the day to move on up to New Jersey where she currently resides. Her husband is a former high school football player and she has two tykes in tow. The biggest question is will the couple ever hit the big time? She is also a certified medical sales professional by way of a nifty medical billing machine accompanied by a smattering of hygienic gizmos. The best part of her biz is that she has not one but two of the best looking men in her field.

Robert Ridarelli

Bobby Ridarelli was a famous American singer who grew up in Philadelphia. He was born on April 26, 1942, to Adrio and Jennie (Sapienza) Ridarelli.

He started singing from an early age and he became a teen idol in the 1960s. His parents were Italian, and he grew up in South Philadelphia’s Lower Moyamensing neighborhood.

After winning a talent contest on Paul Whiteman’s TV Teen Club, he was cast as the lead singer of a group called Rocco and the Saints. He was also an actor, and he was able to travel the world for his performances.

He married his first wife, Camille Quattrone Ridarelli, in 1968 and she passed away in 2003. He then married Linda Hoffman in 2009.


The family of jennifer ridarelli is a close-knit group. She grew up in Philadelphia, where her father Bobby Ridarelli was a famous singer and actor.

Jennifer was a fan of her father’s work, and she took inspiration from him to pursue a career in music. She graduated from Saint Joseph’s University in Pennsylvania and is currently working at CORE Foodservice.

She is also married to Jason Dulin, and they have two children together. Both of them chose a more private life than their father, and they haven’t been seen on social media.

Bobby Rydell was a talented musician, and his career started when he was young. He competed on the TV Teen Club, and he won a contract with Cameo Records. He continued to release music until he passed away in April 2022. His death was a devastating blow to his fans, and tributes were posted online by many celebrities. His home was renamed Bobby Rydell Boulevard in his honor.

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