What is Full Cycle Software Development?

A successful app starts with a brilliant idea and orchestrating all of the software development to make it a reality.

What are full-cycle software development services and why are they important? It is important to understand that there are many ways to do full-cycle software engineering. Software development teams tend to use a common approach to determining the software development lifecycle. 

Everyone involved in software development agrees that every project must go through a series of clearly defined phases. These stages enable a structured and well-organized development process. They allow you to go from an idea to a minimum viable product (MVP) and possibly optimize it.

While there are many ways to define full-cycle development, the main phase of full-cycle development, as you might have guessed, is planning. Planning is critical as it can significantly affect the achievement of milestones in the software development timeline. 

What is a Software Development Life Cycle?

A life cycle therefore consists of stages or phases. The phases of the software development life cycle vary with the methodology of the software development team, but the most common SDLC phases are as follows: planning and analysis, design, development, test, deployment, and maintenance.

The software that moves through these stages goes through a macro-level process. The software development process consists of a series of steps towards desired results. 

  • Planning, design and brainstorming

It’s important to write down all of your product requirements before the planning phase begins. This will help you have a clear idea of the goals you want your product to achieve.

You have an idea that you want to implement. Now you have to start from scratch. After you have outlined all of your requirements and determined that they can be achieved within a specific time frame, you can start exploring different avenues to achieve this. Then you will choose one based on many factors such as cost, infrastructure, resources and development speeds.

You can now finalize the implementation details and start planning. Start by listing your needs and the resources you will need. Next, you need to create a development timeline and have team discussions so everyone understands their roles and is on the same page.

  • Development

Hire a development team to look forward to the second phase, the development phase. Developers use technologies, frameworks and programming languages to meet the needs of the project. This usually happens during the planning phase.

Developers will encounter problems at this stage. Developers will encounter bugs and other issues while working on the code. You participate in team discussions to resolve them and find the best way to implement the code. It also includes code revisions and iterations, hopefully resulting in more robust code.

  • Quality Assurance and Testing

Quality assurance and testing are essential regardless of the end product requirements. This is extremely important for products that require close to 100% uptime. Developers must create unit tests that cover all software components to ensure they run as expected. This helps you assess the reliability of your code and prevents bugs from making it into production.

DevOps engineers may also need to plan higher-level tests, e.g. integration or system testing to reduce the likelihood that the product will be withdrawn from production. Implementing a workflow to perform User Acceptance Testing (UAT) can complete the testing phase. This allows customers to test compliance against real-world scenarios.

Why is full cycle development beneficial for companies?

Businesses need to demonstrate that they can deliver their products to their customers and potential customers on time in order to retain their customer base. Executives need to see the big picture of software development and fully understand the entire development cycle to consistently deliver timely solutions.

This helps us estimate the time it takes to develop software. Because of the various variables involved in developing a product and releasing an update, executives will find it difficult to accurately assess project deadlines. 



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