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Enrique Benzoni and Jenny Scordamaglia are married. They met in 2009 and dated for two years. They later got married on August 20, 2011. They do not have any children. The couple have a huge following. Enrique Benzoni is a TV producer, but there is no Wikipedia page about the couple. He has been the CEO and director of Miami TV since 2006.

Wikipedia Page

Despite being married since 2011, Jenny Scordamaglia has not yet published a Wikipedia entry about their relationship. In addition to their work together on television, Enrique Benzoni has been the Chief Executive Officer and President of Miami TV. However, there is no Wikipedia entry about Enrique Benzoni. In fact, the star-turned-actor is not the only one with a Wikipedia page.

Net Worth

The net worth of Jenny Scordamaglia and Enrique Benzoni is estimated at $2 million as of 2022. However, the exact amounts are not revealed. The couple has remained coy about their earnings, despite their long-term careers in TV. The average salary of a TV show host is $30,457, while the highest-paid earner is $722,498.

Successful Careers 

Enrique Benzoni and Jenny Scordamaglia have separate Wikipedia profiles. Enrique Benzoni is the CEO of Miami TV, while Jenny Scordamaglia has worked in the entertainment industry for many years. Together, they have built two television channels focusing on positive living, health, and culture. 

Beauty Of Their Relationship 

In 2014, the two were married. Their relationship is reportedly based on their shared zodiac signs. Benzoni is an entrepreneur and also founded a naturist village in Mexico called Energy Paradise Tulum. Jenny Scordamaglia’s wikipedia page provides more information about the two. While she is an entertainer and a TV personality, her real career is as an entrepreneur. She has made several movies, primarily horror films.


While Enrique Benzoni is a successful businessman, he has a family of his own and is married to Jenny Scordamaglia. He also has children, but their names and ages are unknown. It’s also unclear what Enrique’s favorite objects are. It’s best to check his wiki to see what he has been up to.

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