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If you’re a fan of Nikki Glaser, you might be wondering if she has a husband. After all, the actress  had a number of ex-boyfriends and is a former best-selling author. So what happened? Read on to find out more. This article will give you the inside scoop on the actor’s relationships with men. It also has exclusive information on how to get a Nikki Glaser husband.

Married or Relationship 

Before getting married, Nikki Glaser was in a relationship with Chris Convy. They met on the set of their show Nikki and Sara Live, which later led to the creation of Not Safe With Nikki Glasser. Ultimately, the pair split in 2016 and were never married. Nikki Glaser has never disclosed the identity of her boyfriend or husband. She has dedicated her life to her work and is active on social media.

Debit Success 

Nikki Glaser is an American actress, comedian, radio host, and television personality. Her television series “Not Safe With Nikki Glaser” debuted on Comedy Central in February 2016. Her first stand-up show, “St. Louis,” premiered on Comedy Central in February 2016. She was previously in a starring role on the television show Dancing with the Stars in 2005, and she was in an on-screen matchup with Gleb Savchenko in Dancing with the Stars. In her earlier days, Nikki Glaser had been a member of the stand-up comedy group, “The People From Cincinnati”.

Interesting Facts about Nikki

The actor and TV host Nikki Glaser has a net worth of about $2 million. Her income comes from acting, comedy specials, and live performances. She has a slim build and weighs around 55 kg. She has blonde hair and black eyes. She was born on June 1, 1984, in Cincinnati, Ohio. Earlier, Nikki Glaser was raised by her parents, Julie and Edward Glaser.

Dark Side

Despite having a successful career as an actress, Glaser has also had a long history of substance abuse. In her youth, she was addicted to nicotine and became sober after completing treatment with mental health expert Allen Carr. She makes funny references to Jewish culture and her husband’s heritage. She has previously played a Jewish village girl in The Diary of Anne Frank stage performance, which sparked rumors about her sexuality and her past.


Nikki Glaser is  brought up by a single mother, and has one sister. She lives in St. Louis, Missouri with her parents, younger sister Lauren Green, and her brother-in-law, Matthew Green. She has a number of nieces and nephews. She was born in Ohio, but grew up in St. Louis, Missouri, and later attended the University of Kansas. She is currently engaged to a number of men but no one knows for sure if she is married or not.

Executive Producer

Aside from being a stand-up comedian, Nikki Glaser has also worked as an executive producer on the television show Not Safe. Although Chris Convy hasn’t disclosed his net worth, his girlfriend has a net worth of $2 million. Both of them earn most of their income through their stand-up comedy careers. It’s hard to know what’s next for Nikki, but let’s take a look at the current situation.

A Successful Comedian

While Nikki Glaser has several failed relationships under her belt, she’s also a successful comedian. She hosts her own SiriusXM radio show and hosts a stand-up special for Comedy Central. Her net worth is estimated at $3 million. If you’re wondering if she has a husband, read on to find out what he’s been up to. It’s likely that he is the man who cheated on her, but her net worth remains largely unknown.

Career First Priority 

After her two failed romances, Nikki Glaser has been focusing more on building a successful career than on her personal life. Her work on Welcome Home, Nikki Glaser was so successful that it forced her to pursue a relationship. However, her relationship with Chris is still in its infancy. The two have one child together and are stepfathers to Glaser’s children from her previous relationships.


Despite the fact that she is single and has never been married, Glaser’s love life remains largely private. While many speculate about the potential romance in her stand-up gigs, she has never revealed details of her personal life. Although she has been rumored to be dating Chris Convy, Glaser has remained very private about her love life. The show was developed by Glaser and Chris Convy.

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