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Jeremy Wade: The Fisherman & Adventurer’s Fortune

How much money does Jeremy Wade have?

Jeremy Wade is a British film producer and writer. After studying biology, he first taught at a high school in Great Britain before devoting himself entirely to the animal world. The Briton became through the television series River monsters and Jungle hooks known. In addition to numerous television episodes, the angler also published three books about his fascinating experiences. On his various trips, Wade benefited from his pronounced language skills and was thus able to escape some precarious situations. The cherished Jeremy Wade’s net worth is € 1.7 million.

Jeremy Wade showed an early interest in wildlife

Merit of Jeremy Wade
Jeremy Wade was born in Suffolk, England in 1956 to a minister. He then grew up in the nearby Nayland in a modest but good middle-class family. Even in early youth, he went to the obvious River Stour and tried fishing there. With a school friend, Wade then learned a lot about the art of fishing and this was the early start of his fishing career.

In the course of his life his interest in nature grew enormously and above all in all aquatic life. Jeremy Wade graduated from school with a degree in zoology from Bristol University. This degree allowed him to teach biology at a secondary school in Kent. This acquired knowledge still helps the adventurer with his experiences in the animal and especially the water world.

How a vacation in India changed everything

In 1982 the then biology teacher Wade had a life-changing vacation. The trip to the mountain rivers of India would be called a classic low-budget vacation today. At just £ 200, the adventurer survived for three months. During this time he helped out fishing in a small fishing village. After his return, Wade reported in a major fishing magazine about his adventurous journey. This laid the foundation for his current success and the fortune associated with it. At first he was a little ashamed of the poor conditions on vacation, but soon afterwards he started planning his next vacation.

Jeremy Wade with River monster on DMAX

Jeremy Wade fortune
In the meantime, Jeremy Wade is known for numerous TV programs and also for his books. Wade then achieved his breakthrough with the TV series River monsterswhich under River monster was also broadcast on the German broadcaster DMAX. He acted as a presenter in the British-American documentary series for wild animals and went in search of fearsome water monsters. The main goal of the program was to understand attacks by animals on humans. He tried to catch the animals, understand the attack and uncover possible myths. The animal lover’s claim has always been to release the animals again afterwards and to save endangered species from extinction. With the salary from the series, Jeremy Wade was able to expand his fortune.

Publications and TV broadcasts

DMAX also shone the series Dark Waters out. In addition to other TV formats, Jeremy Wade has published three books in which he reports on his experiences and expeditions. The British biologist, for example, narrowly escaped the local prison on his tour of Thailand and was threatened with a pistol while hunting for the crab fish. He has been in the british explorers series Mysteries of the Deep to see, which of course will continue to increase his fortune.

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