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Reality documentary “The Yottas! With full throttle through America “on Pro 7

Reality documentaries delight the audience and give insights into a different kind of life. Many celebrities have already increased their popularity and wealth with it. For some, however, it is also the desire for attention, many rich people have enough money and are therefore hungry for celebrity. Just think of the Geissens – a crazy, somehow aloof and yet down-to-earth family, the watch TV accompany her life. The Geissens have been broadcast on RTL II for a few years now and are still generating unbelievable ratings. Or Richard Lugner, whose handsome fortune would be reason enough to lead a quiet, happy life. But this is not enough for Mr. Lugner, he loves to show himself on television. Even if many smile at him, the motto that applies to him is that attention equals attention, regardless of whether it is positive or negative. The Yottas also want to get involved – the new show “The Yottas! With full throttle through America ”is now being broadcast on Pro 7.

The Yottas discover America and television is allowed to accompany them

Pro 7 wanted to emulate the ratings of their competition such as RTL II and had the idea of ​​broadcasting a reality documentary with the Yottas. There are four episodes, the first aired on May 26, 2016 at 10:30 p.m. The Yottas can now be seen more and more in the media, the celebrity couple want media attention and thus become famous. You emigrated from Germany with the Dream to get rich and famous. In the USA they are now pursuing this goal and are giving everything to make their dreams come true. We have already reported in detail about the wealth of the Yottas and promised to stay tuned to the couple. Therefore, we would now like to go into more detail about your reality show.

Episode 1 of the Yottas on Pro 7 was a flop

Maria Yotta's fortune
The broadcaster expected high audience numbers and was disappointed. Around 630,000 viewers have the first episode of “The Yottas! Full throttle through America “ followed, which corresponds to a market share of around 5.2%. The broadcaster reacted to this and postponed the next three episodes of the Reality Documentary Soap to the late-night program with an hour delay. After all, the episodes have already been shot, Pro 7 doesn’t want to throw them over board either, now the Yottas will be shown on Thursdays (June 2nd, 9th and 16th, 2016) at 11:30 p.m.

Bastian Yotta (formerly Gillmeier) is known to have no lack of self-confidence. In the run-up he already boasted that the Show that Yottas will be many times more spectacular than the Geissens. He has promised to show a documentary that the world has never seen before. A wide range from ostentatious to philosophical depth, wit and seriousness as well as one goal: change. The audience should change with the Yottas, be entertained or motivated. Big goals from the swanky king Bastian Yotta. In any case, we agree with him, it is actually something new, the Yottas are definitely unique – individual and unmistakable.

After analyzing the first episode, we notice that Maria seems adored and very much in love with her prince. She desperately wants an engagement ring and thus a wedding. Whether she can get her Bastian to give her one Marriage proposal close? We will see! In any case, she strengthens her loved one and supports him in all matters. This is how she speaks to the personal assistant and the cook – Mister Yotta avoids speaking directly to his service staff.

Bastian Yotta always needs $ 500,000 in cash for himself

Bastian Yotta net worth
Bastian said he must have at least $ 500,000 in cash lying around in his luxurious home or he would not be comfortable. The 1 and 10 dollar bills were demonstratively distributed in the living room to give the audience the feeling that the Yottas didn’t care about money and that they had an abundance of it. The question that arises here is whether someone has to adorn himself with money to show that he is rich? Or would it be enough for the rich themselves to simply be rich? Maybe Bastian just has it Scrooge McDuck Gene, he also loves to bathe in money.

We have drawn another résumé from the Yotta documentation: We recommend investing a small part of Yotta’s assets in an English course. Private English lessons are often available for very little money, and many students have already benefited from it. Therefore, dear Bastian, treat yourself to one of the many in your home Dollar bills! You shouldn’t speak English to German sentences, either or. Mixing both languages ​​in one sentence is just daunting. In addition, an English teacher can teach you the correct pronunciation of the English “th”, with your favorite phrase “I love that” you only hear “I love set”. A perfect knowledge of English is sure to help you on your way to fame in the USA! We wish the Yottas all the best and are really looking forward to the next episode on Thursday.

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