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Jim Parson’s fortune – that’s how rich Sheldon from “The Big Bang Theory” is

How rich is Sheldon aka Jim Parsons from the Big Bang Theory?

Big Bang Theory Salaries
Jim Parsons doesn’t fool anyone so quickly. After all, not only is the American TV series “The Big Bang Theory” cult, but Jim Parsons is also extremely popular as one of the leading actors with fans all over the world. With every episode shot on this show, Jim’s fortune continues to grow. His real first name is actually James Joseph. The actor is now earning a good $ 1 million per episode and has already made a considerable fortune of around 132 million euros is equivalent to. His colleagues from “The Big Bang Theory” have not yet managed to do this, which is impressively proven by a look at the following ranking.

  1. Jim Parsons – Net worth: around 132 million euros
  2. Kaley Cuoco – Net worth: around 85 million euros
  3. Johnny Galecki – assets: around 85 million euros
  4. Kunal Nayyar – assets: around 40 million euros
  5. Simon Helberg – assets: around 40 million euros

Insane success as Sheldon

The role of “Dr. Sheldon Cooper “has brought Jim Parsons not only a considerable fortune, but also numerous awards. The successful actor has already received four Emmys and a Golden Globe. In 2016, Jim Parsons also received the People’s Choice Award. In addition, the price could be “Favorite Comedic TV Actor” to win. Another star was added in March 2015. We’re talking about a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. The 2545th star is located at 6533 Hollywood Boulevard and was ceremonially unveiled there in the presence of Jim Parsons. Things are going really well for the TV actor not only professionally, but also privately. Because he has been in a happy, same-sex partnership with Todd Spiewak for over a decade. In 2017, the two of them gave each other the word YES and are now happily married.

The life and career of Jim Parsons

Jim Parsons' fortune
It was already clear in first grade that Jim Parsons enjoyed acting for his life. Because that was when little Jim tried his hand at acting for the first time in his hometown of Houston. So it wasn’t surprising that after graduating from the University of Houston, Jim opted for a Acting studies enrolled. In the meantime he moved to sunny California to the University of San Diego, where he successfully completed his acting studies. For career reasons, he then moved to New York.

“Sheldon” was seen in his first TV role in 2003. At that time he played with “Ed – The Bowling Lawyer”. The newcomer was also able to secure smaller roles in other TV and cinema productions. However, Parsons’ finest hour was not until the Year 2007 beaten. Because at that time he was hired by CBS for a leading role in the new sitcom “The Big Bang Theory”. And as you would say in Hollywood: the rest is history! While Jim and his partner are now happily living in Los Angeles, there have been a few more trips to New York during Jim’s career. At that time, the actor worked there in the following three Broadway productions:

  • The Normal Heart (2011)
  • My friend Harvey (2012)
  • An Act of God (2015)

Jim Parsons and The Big Bang Theory have meanwhile Cult status. Not only Sheldon got rich with this series, of course producer Chuck Lorre also benefited from it. There are now 10 seasons, in previous years the television series was mostly seen in the advertising-relevant target group. A great success – of course we also hope for further extensions and new seasons.

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