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How rich is Jamie Oliver?

It’s no secret that as a celebrity you can earn a lot with a specially published book. It is therefore only logical that even more can be earned with several published (cook) books. It is therefore not surprising that the British celebrity chef Jamie Oliver on a estimated total assets of 175 million euros sits. Of course, not only his cookbooks contributed to this sum, but also his TV show, guest appearances, advertising deals, his own products, which can also be bought in some German supermarkets, and his own restaurants.

Jamie Oliver net worth
Today Oliver is one of the most famous TV chefs and is arguably the best known TV chef who actively advocates a healthier diet in the United States and Great Britain. With his gigantic fortune, even the richest German TV chefs like Johann Lafer or Alfons Schuhbeck cannot keep up.

Jamie Oliver’s career

Jamie Oliver, who was born on May 27, 1975 in the English village of Clavering, was able to gain important insights into his later work as a chef at a very early age, as his father owns a pub. There he was able to gain his first experience in the kitchen in addition to school, as there is also a warm kitchen in a traditional English pub. Cooking appealed to him and suited him, so that after successfully completing school he decided to complete a professional training as a chef at Westminster College, in which the experiences he had in the pub naturally helped him.

At his Mentor Gennaro Contaldo, from which, according to his own statements, he could learn a lot for his future path, he was only to work in the “Neal Street Restaurant” a short time later. Incidentally, his cook colleague was none other than Tim Mälzer, who then conquered the German TV screens. He would continue to work with Contaldo in his later TV career. But it was only during his third job, in which he was already acting as deputy head chef, that Oliver was discovered for television. As part of a documentary about that restaurant, he was able to convince the television broadcaster (BBC) of himself and his skills and they were ready to dedicate their own cooking show to him, which they “The Naked Chef“Called.

Success as a TV chef

Jamie Oliver Income
Of course, this title was not chosen because they wanted to see Oliver cook naked in the late hours of the air, but because he spoke out in favor of using simple ingredients in the documentary “Christmas at the River Cafe” and wanted to make this part of the program concept . During the first season, which was a commercial success, Oliver published his first cookbook, which was borne out by the success of the show. His early career as a celebrity chef experienced an additional kick-start just a few weeks later when the then British Prime Minister Tony Blair invited Oliver to prepare his dinner.

Four years later, Oliver decided to restructure his career so that he started helping other people who wanted to work in a restaurant but were not as lucky. After three seasons for the BBC, he decided to start a new program on the competing broadcaster Channel 4, in which he gave said people the opportunity to train in a restaurant he founded (“Fifteen” in London). His commitment to young talent continues to this day.

Since 2005, Oliver has also been advocating better nutrition in both the United States and Great Britain. That year he founded the “Feed Me Better” campaign, which was aimed primarily at school children. In the same year, this earned Oliver the “Most Inspiring Political Figure in 2005” award. The TV show and campaign “Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution” had the same goal for American society. The show was canceled after only two years.

Restaurant bankrupt with Jamie’s Italian and Barbecoa

Another mainstay for his financial success was to build up Oliver in 2008 with his “Jamie’s Italian” restaurant in Oxford. This restaurant was so successful in a very short time that the name was franchised, so that there is a “Jamie’s Italian” in such cosmopolitan cities as Hong Kong, Singapore and Dubai. In total there are already 36 Jamie’s Italian in Great Britain and a further 28 restaurants scattered around the world, which Jamie would like to expand in the coming year. However, restaurants in the UK are not doing as well as they were in the beginning. Jamie Oliver also blames Brexit a little. At the beginning of 2017, he announced the closure of 6 restaurants that were not doing as they should. A restaurant needs 3,000 guests a week to be profitable, the chain announced. In 2019 it was announced that his restaurant chain would become the total 23 Italian restaurants and 15 restaurants belonging to the Barbecoa steakhouse chain count, already filed for bankruptcy. The franchises abroad should not be affected.

The possessions and assets of Jamie Oliver

During the show “The Naked Chef” Jamie Oliver lived with his family in a three bedroom house in London that the BBC paid for. This house is currently for sale in a slightly refurbished form for £ 2.9 million. But while he was still showing a show Luxury Essex property for approximately £ 850,000. In addition, he was shopping according to another £ 3 million property in North London and expanded it into a gigantic property. After all, the Olivers have a total of four children – so they need sufficient living space. At his Income and assets of 175 million euros shouldn’t hurt him either.

A little tip at the end: On the official website you can find a lot of recipes and information about Jamie’s restaurants

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