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John Dean Wife Maureen Today

Married for 50 Years

John Dean and his wife, Maureen, have been married for almost 50 years. She became famous after her appearance in the Watergate hearings, where she sat next to her husband. Prior to meeting John, she had married twice. She later became a secretary and flight attendant. After her father passed away, she dropped out of college. Now she is 76 years old. Her height is not publicly available.

 Vice President of the United States

John Dean was the vice president of the United States when Watergate took place. During the investigation, Dean began working with Federal prosecutors. President Nixon tried to deny him immunity, but Dean began giving testimony on June 25, 1973. Maureen Dean was a supportive wife throughout the ordeal.


Maureen Dean’s net worth is currently unknown. Her husband’s wealth is reported to be worth millions of dollars. While their marriage is not a new one, their wealth is incredibly large. Despite the fact that their wealth is unknown, their marriage has lasted nearly 50 years. Maureen Dean and John Dean have three children together. Both of them are professionals in their fields. They are also co-authors of books.

Supportive Wife

In October of 2018, Maureen Dean is set to turn 77. Her husband was incarcerated during the Watergate scandal. Maureen Dean handled the situation well despite her husband’s arrest. After John Dean served four and a half months in prison, the couple moved to Beverly Hills. She took care of the family finances and even entered a finance training program. Eventually, she opened her own stock brokerage business.

Watergate Scandal

As a lawyer, John Dean worked for the Nixon administration. During his tenure as the White House counsel, he exposed official involvement in the Watergate scandal. He was also arrested along with many other top aides. His involvement pushed Nixon to resign. Despite his traumatic experience, his wife is the proudest of all of his accomplishments.

A former counsel to the president, John Dean is now a columnist for He also writes about the current political situation. In his article, John Dean compares the Obama administration to the two men who were elected president. Dean also argues that the new “Tea Party” movement is unlikely to make a lasting difference in the long run. Although the Tea Party is an important political force, he says that the movement is not a long-term solution.

Government Implementing Law

The current political climate has left many questions unanswered. President Obama is now facing the challenge of implementing a new immigration law. While this may be a difficult time politically, the administration’s efforts are vital. It is time to enact the changes to stop the illegal immigration and protect American citizens. It is essential to ensure that the United States Constitution is followed. This way, the government will not be able to evade the law.

Four Months in Prison

Dean is a former White House counsel. He was the first official to accuse Nixon of involvement in the Watergate cover-up. His testimony was watched by millions of Americans. As a result of the Watergate scandal, Dean spent four months in prison. However, he has since returned to public life and is married to his wife, Maureen.


A former presidential counsel, John Dean explains the challenge Obama faces today. He must build good relations with the national security establishment while also maintaining relationships with those who disagree with his positions. He also argues that it is the legacy of George W. Bush to alienate the national security establishment, and therefore it is crucial for the President to make the necessary changes.

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