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Lindsey Sine Nikola

Unknown Personality 

Lindsey Sine Nikola is not listed on Wikipedia or any other biographical website, and there are no known details about her educational or professional background. Furthermore, there is no information about her current relationship. The only information available on Lindsey Sine Nikola is what she says on her personal website. While she has been a prominent figure in the world of sports, her life story is not very well-known.

Harassed by Coach

From 2006 to 2010, Lindsey Sine Nikola worked as a snowboard and ski instructor in the United States. She is a former World Cup competitor. She allegedly began to believe that Peter Foley was inappropriate with her when he was coaching her during a 2008 World Cup ski race. She eventually filed a complaint with the United States Ski and Snowboard Association against Foley. This complaint alleges that the former coach of the US snowboard and ski team sexually assaulted her while she was exposing herself in public.

Four Others Filed Complaint 

Foley was suspended from coaching by SafeSport following allegations of sexual misconduct. Four women filed complaints against Foley last week. He was temporarily suspended from his duties on Friday. Lindsey Sine Nikola filed her first report with the agency last week. Nikola claims that Foley sexually assaulted her in 2008, when she was competing in a World Cup ski race in Beaver Creek.

Private Personal Life 

Lindsey Sine Nikola has not disclosed her birthday or her husband’s name. It is also unknown if she has a child. Her personal life has been kept largely private, but she has been married to a former American Snowboard mentor named Peter Foley.

Allegations of Sexual Misconduct 

Peter Foley is no longer part of the US Ski and Snowboard organization after allegations of sexual misconduct were made against him. The former US Ski and Snowboard representative faces allegations from four women. The allegations against Foley are the latest in a long line of accusations. He is accused of inappropriate behavior and misconduct with four women. The allegations against Foley are not limited to women, but have impacted all Olympic athletes.


Peter Foley has been accused of sexually abusing three women, including a former employee. The three women filed a formal complaint against Foley. A formal investigation has been launched. The accusations were made public last week after he was removed from his duties as an Olympic coach. The FBI is investigating the allegations. ESPN obtained documents from Foley’s former employee. The documents provided by ESPN show that he is accused of sexually abusing the women who worked under him.

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