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Nadine Inscoe

New Life

Nadine Inscoe and her husband, an artist, have recently separated. She has not revealed the name of her new partner on social media. Inscoe, who is known for her low-key lifestyle, has remained silent about her new relationship. Nadine’s new life is far from the media’s spotlight.


Nadine Inscoe was married to Ronnie Van Zant before their divorce in 1969. However, he later became addicted to prescription drugs. Nadine and Ronnie had three daughters, but the marriage did not last long. The couple separated in 1969 and Ronnie Van Zant was not the only one who suffered from addiction.


Van Zant and Inscoe met at the Comic Book Club, and the pair married on 2 January 1967. In 1967, they had a daughter, Tammy. The couple divorced a year later. Tammy became a musician, and Van Zant married Judy Seymour the following year. Van Zant and Judy divorced again in 1977. Judy Van Zant remarried Jim Jenness in 1972 and the two had another daughter, Melody, in 1976.

Debut Album

Nadine Inscoe’s debut album, Freebird Child, had 12 tracks. She dedicated it to her father, and the album also contains songs dedicated to her grandmother and her mother. She also dedicated the songs “Surviving On a Wing and a Prayer” and “Dixie Rose” to the women in her family who struggle. The songs were recorded as EPs before she started to work on the full-length album.


Nadine Inscoe was married to Ronnie Van Zant, the lead singer of Lynyrd Skynyrd. Ronnie Van Zant and Inscoe were married for just a short time. The couple had a beautiful daughter, Tammy Michelle Van Zant. The couple had a daughter, Tammy Van Zant, during their first marriage.

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