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Who is Juliana Moreira: Biography, Age, Husband Edoardo Stoppa and children, Ex boyfriend and Instagram

Juliana Moreira is a well-known Brazilian showgirl, presenter and model, active in Italy for many years. Active in television since 2006, Juliana Moreira is best known for having conducted the Mediaset program until 2018 Paperissima Sprint. Married to the well-known correspondent of Strip the news, Edoardo Stoppa, Juliana Moreira is currently engaged as a competitor in the program conducted by Simona Ventura: Game of Games – Loco Game, broadcast from March 31, 2021 on Rai 2.

Who is it Juliana Moreira?

  • Juliana Moreira
  • Zodiac sign: Aries
  • Age: 39 years old
  • Date of birth: April 15, 1982
  • Birth place: Osasco (San Paolo, Brazil)
  • Profession: showgirl, TV presenter and model
  • Height: 174 cm
  • Weight: 65 Kg approximately
  • Tattoos: different, especially on the back
  • Official Instagram Profile: @julianamoreiraofficial
  • Official site:
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Juliana Moreira was born in Osasco, in the state of Sao Paulo in Brazil, on April 15, 1982, to Mario and Wilma. After completing his studies at the Escola Municipal de Ensino Fundamental, at the age of 11 he began working in the pharmacy of his godmother (Fatima). Juliana’s mother passed away at 12 and a few years later the young woman began working as a model for the Fox Model Management and Ford Models Brasil agencies. She made her debut on Brazilian television in 1999, at the age of 17, and continued as a model by attending various fashion shows. Become a fairly well-known character in Brazil, until when in 2005 she moved to Italy, to follow her then boyfriend Giuseppe Zega, entrepreneur from the Marche region. Recently in Italy, Juliana is noticed by the director of Mediaset’s casting office, Gianna Tani, who makes her film a generic audition. Hired by Antonio Ricci, Juliana Moreira made her debut on Italian television in the summer of 2006, alongside Teo Mammucari in the program Modern culture; given the success of the program, Moreira also participates in the autumn edition and in the second season. Juliana’s sympathy and spontaneity lead her to conduct 3 specials of Paperissima and of the 2008-2009 season of Paperissima Sprint, which gives it national notoriety. Conducts various programs such as Freshmen & Meteors (2010), alongside Nicola Savino, and remains at the helm of Paperissima Sprint until 2018. Juliana also participates as a competitor in various programs, from Phenomenal (2010 by Teo Mammucari) a It can be done! (2015 by Carlo Conti). Currently competing with Game of Games – Loco Game, conducted by Simona Ventura, Juliana Moreira has two children with her husband Edoardo Stoppa (sent by Strip the news for the animal welfare column) and together they live in Milan.


Juliana Moreira began her modeling career in Brazil in her teens and made her Brazilian television debut at 17 in 1999, in the program Sem limites pra sonhar. Participate, also in Brazil, in the programs Domain public (2001-2002) and Xuxa no mundo da imaginação, until in the 2005 he moved to Italy, to follow the then boyfriend: the entrepreneur Giuseppe Zega from the Marches. After being noticed thanks to an audition for Mediaset, she made her debut in the summer of 2006 on Canale 5, alongside Teo Mammucari, in the program Modern culture. Thanks to her sympathy and spontaneity Juliana gets a good following, and arrives at the management, in 2007 of Paperissima Sprint, leading it until 2018. Having become a famous face of the small screen, we see Juliana in the programs:

  • Freshmen & Meteors (2010), running together with Nicola Savino;
  • Phenomenal (2010), as a competitor;
  • Colorado – ‘I’m classic (2012), interpreter of Maga Circe during the episode The Odyssey;
  • It can be done! (2015), as a competitor;
  • Monte – Carlo Film Festival de la Comédie (2019), to the conduction.

We currently see Juliana Moreira as a contestant on the program Game of Games – Loco Game, hosted by Simona Ventura, broadcast from March 31, 2021 on Rai 2.

According to some rumors, Juliana Moreira would have supported the audition for the Rai Uno talent show hosted by Carlo Conti Such as show. Together with him they could participate as competitors: Pierpaolo Pretelli, Federica Nargi, Francesca Alotta, Elena Ballerini, Francesca Testasecca, Melita Toniolo, Massimo Wet.


Nice, funny and self-deprecating, Juliana Moreira on instagram boasts a following of nearly 750,000 followers. Her profile is very active and full of posts focused on family, work and her passions.

Juliana Moreira Insta

Husband and children

Juliana Moreira is linked to the correspondent of Strip the news Edoardo Stoppa since 2007. The two got married on 10 November 2017 in Milan, with a civil ceremony at Palazzo Reale made official by Giuseppe Sala. The couple lives in Milan with their two children: Lua Sophie (25 July 2011) and Sol Gabriel (29 August 2016); to complete the family unit two dogs: Duda and Titico.

Juliana Moreira Family

Breast surgery

In February 2021 Juliana Moreira decides and announces her intention to undergo a breast reduction operation. He announced this by posting a video on Instagram, in which he says:

I had already reduced it in the past, but it kept growing. It creates problems for me like back pain … I have decided to share my choice with you because I am sure there will be many mothers like me who may not find the courage to do so due to a taboo, but I believe that, if one thing you don’t like your body and it makes you suffer, it needs to be changed.

Ex boyfriend: aggressions and intimidation

From 2004 to 2007 Juliana Moreira was linked to the entrepreneur Giuseppe Zega from the Marche region. Moreira said she broke off the relationship in a consensual and peaceful way, but

He kept calling me, he threatened me saying he wanted me to go back to Brazil to go hungry. I think he was angry with me because he could no longer manage my things, my bank accounts. He owed me money, but I preferred to leave it to him. I was afraid of him because he is aggressive and beats everyone.

Juliana and her husband Edoardo said they were also verbally threatened in 2009 by Giuseppe Zega; the 3 would in fact have met at the Gatto Blu disco in Civitanova, and Zega would have attacked them screaming

I’ll break all your bones!

The consequent complaint by Stoppa and Moreira would have resulted in the condemnation, against Zega, of the payment of compensation with the addition of the legal costs. When asked whether or not Giuseppe Zega ever physically assaulted Juliana Moreira, the latter never wanted to give an answer.


Juliana Moreira has several tattoos, most of them centered on her back. It is known that the showgirl made them during a trip to Thailand with her husband Edoardo Stoppa. Juliana’s tattoos would respond to the name “Sak Yant”. It also has Chinese writing on the inside of the left wrist, and another on the right arm.

Juliana Moreira Tatoo


  • As a child she practiced athletics, samba rock and forrò dance (traditional Brazilian dance);
  • in 2009 he won the Leggio d’oro award for the voice of the television summer;
  • together with her husband Edoardo Stoppa, Juliana is the protagonist of the video game advertising Ring Fit Adventure for Nintendo Switch;
  • in 2018 he recorded and released his first music single: Zu Zu;
  • was the victim of a joke de Hyenas, in 2019, and ended up beating a model accomplice in the joke;
  • practicing thai boxing and martial arts;
  • makes many face masks, at least one a day.

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