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Katy Perry’s net worth and income

How much money does Katy Perry have?

The Californian singer Katy Perry is considered America’s largest pop export. She describes herself as an entrepreneur and says: “There is no shame in being a boss”. The secret of their success lies in their worldwide popularity. She makes around 60% of all sales outside of the USA, mainly through world tours. Total career earnings since 2010 are estimated to be over $ 350 million. Of course, taxes also have to be paid from this. So it turns out to be an estimated one Assets of 290 million euros. Katy is currently expecting her first child with her fiancé Orlando Bloom.

Katy Perry is the highest paid female superstar

The fact that Perry’s star is still on the rise is shown by her ranking on the Forbes celebrity lists. In 2014, the business magazine listed her in 9th place world’s highest paid celebrities, In 2015 it worked its way up to 3rd place. Forbes values ​​theirs annual income due to the world tour to $ 135 million. This made her the top earner among the female stars – ahead of colleagues like Beyoncé, Lady Gaga, Rihanna or Taylor Swift. Last year comparatively “only” 41 million dollars were generated.

Between gospel and We will rock you

Katy Perry Income
On October 25, 1984, Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson – later Katy Perry – was born into a Christian household in Santa Barbara, California. As the daughter of a pastor, her early involvement in the local gospel choir was practically part of the family. Music was popular with the parents, but it couldn’t be too secular. That didn’t change the fact that Katheryn got to know and love Queen’s music as a teenager at a party: a band that is not necessarily known for its Christian sense of mission. Above all, singer Freddy Mercury served as a role model.

The young singer received a record deal at the age of 17. She published her debut as Katy Hudson, but then took her mother’s family name: the real one Katy Perry is born. Another, little-noticed album followed, before her career kicked off in 2008 with the single “I kissed a Girl”. The title quickly conquered the international charts. Not much later, a broad marketing of the new singer wonder began. In particular, the staging on television set significant accents. German and Austrian broadcasters also won Perry as a figurehead for campaigns and celebrated them with appearances. Thomas Gottschalk, for example, chose her to be the sponsor of “Wetten, dass ..?” In 2010, and a performance on Sesame Street was a must.

The rise to the pop giant

“Roar” and “Dark Horse” are other world hits from Katy Perry’s repertoire. 4 albums were released between 2001 and 2013 – a relatively clear number for the period. With over 100 million records sold worldwide, however, the singer has truly earned the title of pop giant. At her young age, she has already completed two one-year world tours, which has also earned her a loyal fan base abroad. It also shines through Advertising appearances by well-known cosmetics manufacturers. In 2013 she erected a monument to the musical heroes of her youth with her own perfume creation, named “Killer Queen”.

Big income thanks to the Prismatic World Tour

Katy Perry net worth
Katy Perry’s greatest source of income has recently been the Prismatic World Tour. All in all, she is doing it 151 appearances on 4 continents. The records show how spectacular the tour is:

  • Best-selling tour in the USA 2014: 1st place
  • Best-selling tour worldwide: 4th place
  • Best-selling tour of all time in the US: # 25
  • Most commercially successful tour by a female star in the USA: 1st place

In 2014 alone, more than 1.4 million viewers visited the shows and took care of it Sales of $ 153 million. Pollstar, the organ of the concert industry, announced a turnover of almost $ 26 million in mid-2015. And was wrong: the number must be corrected – to more than $ 35.5 million.

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