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Katja Krasavice: The YouTube star’s fortune

How rich is Katja Krasavice?

YouTuber Katja Krasavice has capitalized on her open, revealing manner. After all, the native Czech, who now lives in Leipzig, Germany, is a millionaire. She owes this financial blessing above all to her success on the Internet platform YouTube. Your channel, which deals with the topics of lifestyle and sexuality, went online there in March 2014, but was blocked in summer 2019. So far, Katja has been able to convince over 1.5 million subscribers of her talents. Your newly opened channel “KATJA KRASAVICE MUSIC” is currently followed by just under 300,000 people. The cherished Katja Krasavice’s net worth is 6 million euros.

Earnings on YouTube

Katja Krasavice's income
Hundreds of millions of video views have built a small fortune into the coffers of this polarizing personality. You will monthly income from YouTube even estimated at up to 85,000 euros. Although Katja only publishes adult content on her channel, she has long since lost the nickname “YouTube Luder”. It is rumored that the beautiful entrepreneur even occasionally sends her fans nude pictures of herself. Time will tell whether this revealing way will eventually let the singer get into the porn business.

A Music album called “BOSS BITCH” In any case, it matched the image this Internet star has built up. By the way, Krasavice is only your artist’s name and not your real name. Translated, the term means something like “beautiful woman” or “beauty”. After all, Katja Krasavice has made her big bosom, a clearly made-up face and sexy clothes her trademark. Most viewers would have guessed that a cosmetic surgeon had a finger on the YouTuber’s bust.

Work and career beyond YouTube

Katja has long since ceased to be active on YouTube only. Rather, the internet celebrity was able to increase its popularity through the Participation in the sixth season of Celebrity Big Brother increase. Since August 2018, this woman has known even more fans, especially since Krasavice took sixth place in the TV format. The blonde had previously made headlines with her music. Her first single was released at the end of 2017 and had the auspicious name “Doggy.” After all, this title choice is reminiscent of the name of a well-known sex position.

Book “Bitch Bible”

The blonde has also gone among the writers. Her book “Bitch Bible” was published on June 3, 2020 and this book has it all, because just a few hours after the pre-order listing on April 20, 2020, the book was number 1 on the Amazon bestseller list.

Income from music

Katja Krasavice's fortune
Her first hit, Doggy, hit like a bomb in 2017. The song made it to number 7 in the German charts. Katja boosted her sales figures with a clever marketing campaign. She advertised her private cell phone number as a prize. All her fans had to do to enter the competition was send her a screenshot of the pre-order for her single. In 2018, the next two singles followed the buxom beauty. Also “Big lips” and “Sex Tape” had an emphatically sexual undertone.

Katja Krasavice has therefore made use of the motto “sex sells”. In the summer of 2019, the public was finally amazed that Warner Music has signed the YouTuber. With your Song “Gucci Girl” Krasavice allowed herself to create her own version of Aqua’s “Barbie Girl”. However, this single only made it to number 21 in the charts, while “Big Lips” once even made it to fourth place and thus into the top 5 of the German single charts. In Austria, the artist was even granted the pole in the charts with this song, so that the world public can already be curious to see how Katja will continue to live out musically unrestrainedly in the future.

Music albums

year Surname Publication date Label
2021 Your mommy January 29, 2021 Warner Music (WMG)
2020 Boss bitch 17th January 2020 Warner Music (WMG)

In January 2020 the album “Boss bitch“And immediately stormed to the top position in the chart, because three months before the release it was already sold more than 10,000 times as a box and generated a turnover of 480,000 euros.

The album “Eure Mami”, planned for January 2021, sold 6,000 copies in just 3 weeks in September 2020 without any information other than the cover. That would be a turnover of 288,000 euros in advance and will probably also secure a chart storm. The first single “MILLION DOLLAR A $$” from the album “Eure Mami” together with Fler is going pretty steep on YouTube. The production of the sexy video is said to have cost 175,000 euros and is impressive:

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