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Keith Randulich


Keith Randulich is an American criminal who was sentenced to 40 years in prison for killing his sister Sabrina Clement, who was four years old at the time. He was only seventeen years old when he committed the crime, but his sentence was subsequently commuted. He will be 30 or 31 years old when he is released in 2022. He has not been publicly identified and there is very little information available about his personal life.

Scary Personality 

The case has sparked intense debate about whether the crime is a hate crime, or an act of violence. Many people are shocked at the horrific nature of Randulich’s crime. While he was incarcerated, his mother argued with him over whether he was going to use the money he received from his graduation to buy a gun. The prosecutors, however, have refused to back down.

Not Enough Punishment 

The prosecutors wanted to send Randulich to prison for a long time, and they asked for a life sentence or 60 to 100 years, which would prevent him from walking the streets freely. The circuit judge was unwilling to give Randulich a life sentence, but he did give him a term that reflects his remorse. While this sentence is far from the maximum term that prosecutors originally sought, it’s still less than the maximum sentence for murder.

Absence of Parents

The parents of Sabrina Clement are shocked by the news of her death. Their son was working in California when he murdered his daughter. The father was absent at the time, so Keith was responsible for her care. The forensics investigation, however, found no evidence to support the parents’ claims. In fact, the parents have not been in touch with the media for quite some time. Despite this, they still have to cope with the loss of their daughter, who was only a few years old at the time.

Heartless Boy

The alleged killer of Sabrina Clement has already been sentenced to 40 years in prison. Sabrina Clement was murdered by Keith Randulich in May 2009, as she was playing with her sister. Keith Randulich’s family is still unknown about the circumstances of the murder, but the court has ruled that he did it with the help of his brother. The details of the crime have yet to be released to the public.

30 Stabs

The alleged killer, Keith Randulich, admitted to murdering Sabrina Clement in 2007. He claimed that he had stabbed the woman 30 times and that she had lost consciousness by the time he had finished. After the 30th stab, the victim remained motionless. Keith Randulich then called police and family members. He was later arrested. In court, he admitted to the murder. He claimed that he believed Sabrina Clement was being attacked by another family member and he could not protect her.


The killer, who was a high school student, stabbed his step-sister to death. Sabrina Clement was four years old when he stabbed her. The victim was stabbed by Keith Randulich while her parents were away. The victim’s parents had left the home 10 years ago. They had not seen each other since. As a result, he was sentenced to 40 years in prison in 2011.

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