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Maceo Shane Rapaport


Maceo Shane Rapaport was born in 2002. His parents are Michael Rapaport and Nichole Lonow, and his siblings include Julian Ali and June Brody. His older brother, Julian, is also an actor. The couple shares joint custody of their children. Maceo lives with his parents in Los Angeles. He is the youngest of the two brothers. Maceo has brown eyes and black hair.

Couple Divorce

His father, Michael Rapaport, married Nichole Beattie on 15 January 2000. They have two children together – Julian Ali Rapaport and Maceo Shane Rapaport. The Rapaports divorced in 2007, leaving Maceo with no source of income. His father has an active acting and hosting career. He has appeared in several TV shows and movies. Maceo Shane Rapaport has been in the public eye since 2003.

Custody of Children

Maceo Rapaport grew up with his elder brother Julian Ali, who was born in 2000. They share a close bond. In 2007, Maceo’s mother, Nichole Beattie, filed for divorce from Michael Rapaport citing “irreconcilable differences.” She also requested spousal support from her ex-husband and joint custody of their children.


Maceo ‘Shane’ Rapaport is the son of comedian Michael David Rapaport. His father, Michael Rapaport, began his career in the early 1990s. His mother, Nichole Beattie, and father, Michael Rapaport, are Christians. Maceo is an American celebrity kid. Maceo is an aspiring actor. He may go to college in the future.

No Relationships

Maceo has no confirmed information regarding his relationship status. His relationship status will likely be revealed as time passes. It is not yet known if he has a girlfriend. Rapaport’s father is an entrepreneur with a $12 million net worth. So, despite his young age, he is likely single. If he is still in his teens, he might be focused on his studies to pursue his career.

Family Bonding 

In 2007, Maceo was carrying his son over his shoulder. He had crutches. His parents were so concerned about him that they had not disclosed his relationship with his mother. However, Maceo Shane Rapaport is now a household name. If you are unsure of Maceo’s relationship status, you can check his social media accounts for updates. The family is close and Maceo grew up with his brother, Julian Ali Rapaport.

Famous Movies of His Father

Rapaport was born in New York City and is based in Los Angeles. He has appeared in more than 100 films and TV shows. He is best known for playing Dick Ritchie in the 1993 movie “True Romance”.

More on His Father

His career spans many genres and he has a diverse resume. His early successes include recurring roles in popular shows such as My Name is Earl and Friends. Rapaport also played a role on Fox’s crime drama series Prison Break as Homeland Security Agent Don Self. Despite being a respected actor, Rapaport was arrested in 2013 for harassing his former girlfriend Lili Taylor. He did not serve jail time, but he was ordered to go through counseling.


He is a popular star kid. He has a net worth of almost 12 million dollars.

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