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Kerem Bursin, New Interview in Turkey: Hande, He for She and Life Together

Kerem Bursin in a new interview published on December 12 and translated for you by the newspaper Hürriyet Pazar. Professional news, love with Hande Ercel and advocacy for women in words of Kerem who confesses what he would change about himself same! In the words that follow, H stands for Hakan Gence, the name of the interviewer who asks Kerem the questions, while her answers are preceded by the letter K.

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Kerem Bursin, what would change about himself

H: You are 34 and have been a professional actor since you were 22. After all these years, what is the equivalent of acting to you?

K: Acting is a discovery. There is no end point you will reach. You always have to work on it. On the other hand, it offers the opportunity to get to know yourself better depending on the roles that are assigned to you. There is also a psychological side. Knowing, recognizing and interpreting people is very important. A huge field of knowledge.

H: If you had to change a characteristic of yourself, what would you choose?

K: I’m stressed out. Sometimes I can be overly stressed and let my stress load get heavy.

H: Are you obsessive about things?

K: If we’re doing something, then let’s do it right, I think.

H: Why do you think our Turkish TV series are so popular?

K: As a Turkish people, our feelings are very intense, we are emotional beings. They appear in our music and on the screen. Our writers are also good, they balance comedy and drama very well.

H: What would you say if we said “We are all human”, not women or men?

K: This is not true, because women are subjected to discrimination and violence just because they are women. This is why women’s rights are important.

H: What would your friends like to change about you?

K: My zodiacal sign.

H: Right, you’re a Gemini.

K: Yes (laughs). I guess I have the features. But after the age of 30, the characteristics of the ascendant begin, they say. My ascendant is Lion. But if we asked my friends the question, they’d probably say: “Be aware of the facts and get rid of that perfectionist mentality.”

Kerem Bursin and love with Hande Ercel

H: What kind of lover are you? Romantic or realistic?

K: I am a realist in love. But within this realism there is also romanticism. Otherwise, it would be a very silly world. But I like the more minimalist romance.

H: What is minimalist romanticism?

K: The romance of the moment. So I don’t have to make plans a week in advance and rent a helicopter (laughs). For example, we went for a walk in the Kaz mountains or we are in a boutique hotel, it’s like experiencing it in the best way …

H: He has been with Hande Erçel for a long time. How’s the love?

K: Love is fine.

H: You are both actors, does the first point on your agenda always work?

K: The great thing is being able to ask for your opinion when a project arrives. But we don’t talk much about work. These days, I write, she draws. He is very talented, he makes amazing paintings. We take care of our dogs. We are both very busy. We don’t see each other very often. When we meet, we watch a movie or TV series together.

H: When it comes to love, you are still embarrassed and blush.

K: We are in such a romantic city, it doesn’t matter about Paris or anything. Istanbul is an extraordinary place. But unfortunately it has no flavor. In reality, it is a bit difficult to experience love in a restricted state.

H: Is this how you live love?

K: What I mean is this, you can’t say: “Let’s walk on the Bosphorus” or “Let’s walk the streets of Taksim and take pictures”. On the other hand, the state of the world or something like that, I’m not in a good mood anyway. It’s not just me, but I don’t think anyor is able to live their life properly, or love, or whatever excites them.

H: 9 million tweets have been sent for Sen Çal Kapimi’s final episode. You broke the record, beating the number of tweets of “Game of Thrones” …

K: I’m not saying that to belittle it, but there is a huge investment in “Game of Thrones”. THEThe business here is not an investment that can be compared to it. However, if their influence reaches yours, it is important that we acknowledge it and act accordingly. From a sectoral point of view, this is an excellent opportunity for our country.

H: You went to Italy, you were a guest on a television broadcast in Milan. You have found great interest at the airport and on the streets. What did you feel?

K: The effect of the Sen Cal Kapimi series was enormous. It’s nice to see so much interest in our work there.

H: You like taking pictures ..

K: My sister is a successful photographer. My father and grandfather were interested in photography. I also like the part behind the camera more and more. What I love about photography is the perspective. Everyone looks at an object, they see it, but it’s about how you see yourself. This turns me on. Using light is also very important and I love it.

Kerem Bursin Interview Turkey: the photo from the newspaper

Kerem Bursin in defense of women

H: You are a feminist.

K: I support feminist politics.

H: So how sensitive are you in your relationships?

K: This is part of my life. The books I read, the conversations. I always talk about these problems with my friends, my girlfriend and the people I work with. Because that’s what I believe in and I can’t think of anything else.

H: On the one hand there is a serious man who talks about women’s rights and the climate crisis, on the other there is someone who laughs on his social networks and looks at life with a smile.

K: Having fun is important to me. There is no life without fun.

H: Why?

K: Why only if we have fun can beautiful and sincere things come out.

H: What would you say if we said “We are all human beings”, not women or men?

K: That’s not true, because the women are subject to discrimination and violence just because they are women. This is why women’s rights are important.

H: You became a spokesperson for ‘HeForShe’. What is “HeForShe”?

K: A global movement led by UN Women, calling on all individuals, especially men and boys, to take action to achieve gender equality.

H: You always have a new agenda. This time you became the spokesperson for the United Nations “HeForShe” movement. You have long ago expressed your views on violence against women and gender equality. How did it start?

K: Everything starts from childhood. My family raised me paying attention to this problem. My father taught me: “Man has more privileges in this world, but you must be aware of the privileges. Because there are people who are left behind because of these privileges, who cannot exercise their rights and cannot access opportunities ”. I received special training on topics such as racism, sexism and gender equality. In my circle of college friends, there were always people interested in these topics. I am now receiving gender equality training from big names in an organization called “Inspire Justice” in the United States.

H: What would you say to someone who will tell you: “Why does a man talk about a woman again”?

K: I don’t speak for women. here to help men fulfill their responsibilities on the path of equality, question one’s perceptions of masculinity and shorten the transformation of men on the path of changing society.

H: What kind of projects will you have with HeForShe?

K: Meetings with ‘HeForShe’ supporters in universities excite me a lot. Workshops, seminars.

We will reach out to all men and women who want change, not just young people.

There will also be digital projects. There is a patriarchal language in fairy tales. The man saves, the woman is the victim. Some writers in Europe have translated the classic fairy tales for equality.

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