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Mr Wrong Lessons Of Love (original Turkish name Bay Yanlis) is a Turkish genre series romantic comedy composed by 14 episodes lasting about two hours and ten minutes, with protagonists Can Yaman And Ozge Gurel, that reform the beloved couple of protagonists by Bitter Sweet -Ingredients of love. The Mr Wrong series airs on Canale 5 every day in June and July 2021 and precedes another much-loved Turkish series: Love is in the Air.

Plot Mr Wrong Lessons of Love

Mr Wrong Lessons of Love with Can Yaman it is one Turkish series romantic – brilliant. In this series the beautiful Turkish actor Can Yaman plays the character of Ozgur, a wealthy bar owner in his early thirties with a free and independent character who doesn’t believe in love. Born under the sign of Aquarius, Ozgur has mainly fleeting and day-to-day relationships, as he has lost faith in women and love. Logic has always been his guide in choices and relationships.
Ozge Gurel in Love Lessons he will interpret Ezgi, his neighbor, a young girl unfortunate in love, but looking for the right man for her. Ezgi, barely thirty and born under the sign of Taurus, also grew up in a small town and only came to Istanbul to attend university. In fact, the girl has a degree in Public Relations. Ezgi is an honest woman, who sacrifices herself for others and always tries to help everyone. Emotions have always been the guide of his sentimental choices.

Ozgur seeing Ezgi’s sentimental failures, offers to help her conquer the boy she is in love with . The closeness of Ozgur with the beautiful Ezgi leads him slowly to fall in love with the girl without realizing it, and to undergo an important change in his way of experiencing feelings, effectively transforming him into another person!

The main plot is flanked by subplots that we can read in the description of the characters: in addition to the restaurant, some events revolve around the city hospital.

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Bet Mr Wrong Lessons Of Love

The episodes produced by Mr Wrong Lezioni D’Amore aka Bay Yanlis they are 14 and last about 120 minutes: all the episodes have already been recorded and the TV series at home has been suspended. The plot of the tv series Mr Wrong General Love Lessons is fun and brilliant. They are aired on Channel 5 in prime time, therefore, a Turkish episode should actually correspond to an Italian episode broadcast in prime time.

Cast and Characters

In the series Mr. Wrong as always there are many characters to give life to a main plot full of subplots. We find in addition to Can Yaman and Ozge Gurel, the actor Anil Celik who played Cey Cey in Erkenci Kus And Kimya Gokce Aytac who played Polen. Here’s the full cast:

  • Can Yaman – In the role of Ozgur Atasoy, owner of a restaurant in the center, free spirit and guided by the logic that has lost faith in the female gender and in love. His character will lead him to have a great transformation when he decides to help Ezgi to conquer a boy she likes.
  • Ozge Gurel – In the role of Ezgi Inal a girl who moved from the province to Istanbul to study Public Relations and who wants with all her might to fall in love and get married. A girl who at thirty wants to finally live the love of life, always ready to bend over backwards for others.
  • Ebru Atasoy she is Ozgur’s sister. She is a beautiful girl of about 20 years old. Graduated in pedagogy He is fond of his family and in love with his boyfriend Kerem whom he is about to marry. She is a beautiful, positive and well-meaning natural girl.
  • Lale Başar – In the role of Sevim Atasoy She is the mother of Ozgur and Ebru. The woman is widowed and runs the family business. She is very tied to traditional values, very attentive to details, sometimes bordering on obsessiveness. She was born under the sign of the virgin.
  • Serkay Tutuncu – In the role of Ozan Dincer He plays Ozgur’s best friend and his restaurant’s successful chef. Born under the sign of Cancer, he is a fun, sociable and emotional person, who has not lost faith in love despite being unlucky.
  • Gürgen Öz – As the Doctor Levent Yazman. He plays a very successful 40-year-old plastic surgeon born under the sign of Leo. He has a daughter from a bad marriage and this negative experience combined with his daughter’s love prevent him from falling in love again.
  • Fatma Toptaş – In the role of Cansu Akman she is the cousin of Ezgi Inal, about 35 years old and very attentive to her appearance. Born under the sign of the ram, she deals with public relations at the hospital where Doctor Levent works. She has a sociable character, very good in business and is gifted with a great communication skills.
  • Sarp Can Köroğlu – In the role of Serdar Ozturk. Thirty-year-old and handsome as the sun, Serdar works as an obstetrician in the hospital. He comes from a wealthy family and is an ambitious and competitive person. He lets himself be imprisoned by his own mania for perfection and can be arrogant at times. To achieve his goals he is also able to lie. Born under the sign of Capricorn, the character also maintains a strong rationality in love by putting himself in front of all the others.
  • Cemre Gümeli – In the role of Deniz Koparan An attorney at several law firms and a childhood friend of Ezgi, of the sign of Scorpio. He is ambitious, cold, distant from people.
  • Anil Celik – In the role of Emre Eren He is a sociable twins boy, a bartender in Ozgur’s restaurant. Despite being engaged, he doesn’t hesitate to flirt!
  • Kimya Gokce Aytac – In the role of Irem Dogan. He works as a lawyer in the same firm Deniz’s lawyer. She is a beautiful, intelligent and ambitious woman who can be mean when needed.She sees men more as a tool and it is not for her to have a serious long-term relationship.
  • Feri Baycu Güler – As Nevin Yalmaz. She is Ezgi’s mother. Despite a string of unfortunate relationships following the divorce with Ezgi’s father, Nevin eventually found happiness with Unal. She is a woman in love, fun, modern. She runs a breakfast room in Bursa with her husband, Ünal. Likes to have fun and travel and is a Sagittarius.
  • Ece İrtem – In the role of Gizem Sezer. She is an ambitious girl who takes care of the booking and reception of the customer in the Ozgur restaurant. She is an ambitious girl, capable of using people and full of cunning. He has liked Özgür for a long time but he does not show it to anyone.
  • Taygun Sungar – As Soner Sekin. He’s Ezgi’s ex. He works as an agent in a pharmaceutical company. He is a narcissist, a two-faced person who likes to be the center of attention. It can show itself differently depending on the situations and who it is in front of you. It is of the sign of the virgin.
  • Suat Sungur – As Alnal Yalmaz. He is Nevin’s husband born under the sign of twins, for him it is his first marriage. He has no children, but he loves Ezgi as his daughter. He has worked as a cook on cruise ships for many years. He is a funny, romantic, positive man who enjoys every moment of his life.

When does it air?

Mr Wrong – Lessons of Love from May 31st: airs every day from Monday to Friday in the afternoon of Canale 5 “Afternoon of Love” from 14.45 to 15.30. If the ratings are good, prime time will also be broadcast on Friday always on Canale 5 for the period June – July 2021. The first episode follows immediately after the end of the last episode of Daydreamer the wings of the dream.

Where is Mr Wrong Lezioni D’Amore filmed?

The shooting of the TV series Mr Wrong Lezioni D’Amore took place between Bodrum, a renowned tourist center seaside turkish and beautiful Istanbul. As always happens in Turkish productions, the broadcast was practically simultaneous with the shooting. In fact, the first episode aired on Gold TV on June 26, 2020. However, the production was canceled due to not enthusiastic ratings at the end of September 2020. 14 episodes lasting two and a half hours were produced which were bought by Mediaset and will be broadcast on Canale 5 starting from 1 June 2021.

Can Yaman Mr Wrong Lessons Of Love

Mr Wrong Lessons Of Love

Mr Wrong video

Mr Wrong Lessons of Love with Can Yaman: the plot of the second episode of the TV series in this video summary! You can find all the summaries and previews that are updated close to the broadcasting of the episodes on the our youtube channel CHIECOSA.

Music by Mr Wrong

The music Bay Yanlis series are made by Cem Oget. Why should we be happy with it? Because he is exactly the same composer as the music of Daydreamer The wings of the dream which are really full of emotions.

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