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Who is Matteo Diamante? Age, Height, Girlfriend, Instagram

Matteo Diamante is an event organizer and vocalist, Matteo was born in 1989 in the city of Genoa. Matteo is also an influencer, known to the public for having been a competitor of L ‘Island Of The Famous 2021 and for being a suitor of Sabrina Ghio at Men and Women 2017 2018 and a competitor of the Ex On The Beach program. He was a puppet of La Pupa, Il Nerdy 2021 and is sent for Ex On The Beach 3.

Who is Matteo Diamante?

  • First name: Matteo Diamante
  • Nickname: The Diamantone
  • Age: 32 years old
  • Zodiac sign: Aries
  • Date of birth: April 19, 1989
  • Birth place: Genoa
  • Height: 188 cm (approx.)
  • Weight: 85 kg (approx.)
  • Tattoos: Matteo has an inscription tattooed on his right breastplate, several decorations on his right arm and a tattoo under his left arm
  • Official Instagram Profile: @matteodiamante
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Matteo Diamante was born in Genoa in 1989 under the sign of Aries, he attended the Nautical Institute St. George of his city and then enroll in theUniversity of Genoa. Matteo comes from a very close family and his parents are a model for him: in particular he stated how he sees the couple formed by his mother Franca and his father as two unattainable examples that he fears he has disappointed.

They might have hoped for a son to be an engineer, I am an idiot on social media, I have participated in some television programs, I have created my own identity but …

Matteo, on the other hand, is a real Influencer: both on Instagram, on Tik Tik and on Youtube it creates ad hoc content for the platforms. Specifically on Tik Tok has more than 170 thousand followers, on Instagram stands at 240 thousand while on youtube it has 55 thousand. Matteo is a passionate about fitness, and in addition to having a sculpted physique he also realizes some fit video on his youtube channel with training tips, despite not being a personal trainer Matteo is able to show exercises and movements to perform.

Career: from events and radio to TV

Matteo Diamante has always been in the world of event organization: a past as a speaker at Radio Venezia and as a Vocalist in the disco they launched him into the world of nightlife and not only. In fact, Matteo has made his way in public relations both in the world of events and in the corporate world. He is the owner of the “Senior” agency which deals with public relations with target over 25. From a television point of view it is not a new face: he participated as a suitor of Sabrina Ghio to Men and Women, to the Ex On The Beach program and to Take Me Out.

In January he is one of the three puppets of La Pupa, Il secchione and Viceversa. From the end of April 2021 he is one of the castaways of the Isola dei Famosi 2021 conducted by Ilary Blasi. Enter in the middle of the program after abandoning due to injury and eliminations of other castaways. Get to the final stage of the program.

Matteo Diamante on October 21 becomes a correspondent for Ex On The Beach, a program in which he was a competitor: Matteo in fact has the task of telling the behind the scenes of the show. With him the conductors Ignazio Moser and Cecilia Rodriguez, and competitors Federico Alpone and Giampaolo Calvaresi.

Matteo Isola Dei Famosi

Matteo Diamante is a castaway from L ‘Island of the Famous 2021, and enters the program on April 22, 2021 to bring a breath of fresh air to the program. Matteo, a veteran of the reality show La Pupa and Il Secchione, is measured with a completely different reality from the one experienced. After collecting the favors of the commentators Tommaso Zorzi, Elettra Lamborghini and Iva Zanicchienters the program with Manuela Ferrera, Emanuela Tittocchia and Rosaria Cannavò joining the already large group of castaways. Matteo Diamante in the group of primitives welcomes Isolde Kostner, Fariba Tehrani and Awed: all three are happy to change teams since they see in Matteo the character of a leader who does not want to command and does not give orders. Furthermore, the women of the group define him as very polite, gallant and an extremely polite person. At the moment, therefore, the island of Matteo is made up of industriousness (fishing, wood, etc.) and harmony with the other castaways. Matteo also becomes leader already in the first episode. Matteo is very attached to the castaways who joined him in the second part of the program and is a natural leader. He doesn’t get along particularly well with Andrea Cerioli and Ignazio Moser: in fact, among the “alpha males” of the island there are often disagreements and fight from food to hard work. Over the weeks Matteo is the only one left in the game of the group of castaways with whom he entered and tries to conquer the final to the sound of challenges. He also recovers his relationship with several castaways, including Ignazio Moser, but still ends up in televoting by clashing with Isolde Kostner, probably his closest relationship within L’Isola dei Famosi. After passing yet another televoting, Matteo Diamante manages to become one of the finalists of the program, managing to beat Valentina Persia with a physical test. It is therefore at the final stage of the program which is held on June 7, and contends for the victory with the other finalists: the same Valentina, Awed, Beatrice Marchetti, Ignazio Moser, Andrea Cerioli. Matteo is eliminated in the final evening, losing the televoting against Awed. Matteo then closes his adventure by ranking sixth in the program.

Shipwrecked and Competitors Isola Dei Famosi:

The official competitors of the Isola dei Famosi 2021 are:

La Pupa, The Nerdy and Vice Versa 2021

Matteo is part of the Cast de La Pupa, Il Secchione and Viceversa 2021 in the role of Pupo and is paired with the nerd Sara Hafdaoui. Vice versa, the edition also foresees the presence of three “puppets” who will be paired with as many nerd. The television program is conducted for the first time by Andrea Pucci, flanked by the historian Pupa, Francesca Cipriani and Diego Verdegiglio as a teacher. Matteo in the program distinguished himself by willpower: among all the puppets he was one of those who most engaged in the study even when his nerd had to leave to take an exam. In general the couple Matteo Hafaoui is very close! In the second episode the couple argues because Matteo si feel dwarfed by Sarah for the fact that he does not have a degree and according to him Haf has little towards him. According to Matthew, in fact, his nerd always talks over him and does not listen to him. The couple is eliminated in the semifinal and the friendship between Matteo and Sara continues: they often made direct on Instagram together.

Matteo Diamante Girlfriend

Crazy Diamond is currently single, in addition to having courted Sabrina Ghio to Men and Women is notes the relationship with his ex-girlfriend model Nikita Pelizon. Both were part of the Ex On The Beach! Matteo diamond also attended flash dating show Take Me Out where you choose a girl to go out with.

Matteo Diamante Instagram

In his Instagram profile Matteo Diamante shares a few photos, always a lot of choices and impact. He communicates with his followers through the stories and shares videos made for the Tik Tok platform.

Matteo Diamante Curiosity

  • Matteo also takes care of Cryptocurrency Mining
  • Matteo Diamante before leaving for the Island he had started a plan of physical growth and enhancement with the aim of gaining muscle mass and reaching a weight of 100 kg!
  • Doesn’t like to finish second: in all the things he does he applies himself to the utmost and it has also been seen in the program “La Pupa e Il Secchione” where he studied and managed to be one of the best
  • His instagram nickname is “Il Diamantone”.

Video by Matteo Diamante

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