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Lankybox Net Worth


If you are wondering how much Lankybox is worth, you’ve come to the right place. YouTubers Mike Chapell and Thomas Ridgewell have become incredibly successful in their careers and have been racking up millions of views. While the two of them don’t have a set salary, they have managed to earn a lot of money. Their net worth is projected to reach $4 million by 2020. The duo has achieved this by posting funny videos on YouTube and selling merchandise.

Youtube Channel

Justin Kroma is the co-founder of LankyBox. The two founders of LankyBox have a net worth of around $8 million. The pair began on YouTube in July 2016, and have since gained massive popularity. While the YouTube channel is mostly made up of parodies of music videos and Roblox gaming videos, they also create original content. For example, their videos often feature video games that have the two hosts attempting to figure out the price of various products. Additionally, the duo uses cartoon characters named Foxy and Boxy to create their shows.

Funny Facts

Adam McArthur is another member of LankyBox. He was born in Seattle and grew up in a working class. He has a long neck, which Justin likens to that of an ostrich, giraffe, and emu. Adam is also terrible at speaking English, and Justin often advises him to go back to school so he can learn the language. Adam prefers salad as his food and drinks milk.


The company is very popular with children, and has made a lot of money out of it. Its videos are often funny and contain puns. BT21’s Cooky plush makes an appearance on the channel, as does Foxy. Foxy is also a plush fox. Foxy’s friends are also well-known, including Justin Kroma and Dumbo. The company’s net worth is estimated to be close to $1 billion.

Huge Fan Following 

The video series “Greatest Talent Audition Ever” has made Justin Kroma’s YouTube channel incredibly popular. The duo enjoy sharing hilarious pranks and reactions on their channel. The channel has over 903,000 subscribers and they post three or four videos per week. If you’re wondering how much LankyBox is worth, you can start watching their videos now. You’ll be laughing along in no time.

Net Worth 

The videos have also helped LankyBox boost its YouTube net worth. Their content has been downloaded over 13.6 million times. Since their creation in 2016, LankyBox has become a highly-popular YouTube channel. The company has been a popular choice among younger viewers, thanks to their good chemistry. So, what does LankyBox have to offer fans? Here’s how it makes its money. It is a combination of ads, YouTube subscriptions, and selling merchandise.

Zero Budget 

Justin Kroma and Adam McArthur created a YouTube channel that exploded with success. Their series “Zero Budget” involved manufacturing bootleg versions of popular songs. The series was a huge success and earned the duo the nickname “Zero Budget Guys.” They also began producing videos for the popular Roblox game Roblox. The success of the Zero Budget Guys led them to produce several other types of content, including “Guess the Price” and “LankyBox World.”


 As a result, they’ve become one of the most popular content providers on Roblox. The channel also produces games and animations.

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